A supportive mindset in working from home

The effects of sowing, giving, helping equals reaping.

Promoting a unified mindset here, one that isn’t always practiced in our social lifestyles today, but one that is part of the network marketing structure and if you choose to adopt this type of thinking, you will have access to an abundance that God wants and has for all of us, this abundance can only be gained through the efforts of assisting others with their needs.

I’m not referring here to just accumulating material wealth and possessions, but the riches of personal inner development and satisfaction, building value’s that make life’s journey more worth living personally and for others, with improved health, overflowing kindness and happiness, and deep inner peace. This kind of promotion is an approach to life that concerns itself with making an impact on the lives of others through giving care and support.

The ego however is a creature that like’s to resist anything that doesn’t serve self or the notion of giving. The ego cares only about my wants, my needs, and my interests – like how much money I can make, how far up the ladder I can climb, or how much recognition I can get.

Many people in life are taught that if they are to survive or be successful, they must focus on looking out for number one themselves. Contrast that thought process with the law of cause and effect, the scientific principle that dictates you get what you sow. “Like produces like” considering that, I would like to promote a supportive attitude, the more you give, the more you get. Everything you give, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will return to you many fold and cerate’s more abundance in all our lives.

I think that our personally focused life is costing us so much of the support that we could be enjoying, because we live in a time that is subconsciously motivated by fear. Fear is what drives the ego to be overly focused on oneself. One common fear is that if we give to others, we won’t have enough for ourselves. This is a total contrast to what the Bible says about the subject of giving and helping, this lack mindset that seems to out there today, I believe is hurting the stability of our society and economy, than you add to that the volume of people out of work and we have ourselves a reel situation. If we we’re to team up and join forces helping each other such as is the way with network marketing, I believe we would be able to achieve success to a much greater level than by ourselves, I can’t help wondering what our society would be like if we choose to work together instead of this separated focus that seems to be our way of doing things?

I believe that when we are working by ourselves with our focus on the lack of money, time, talent, opportunities, relationships, or material possessions. We end up in a very dry and empty helpless position of defeat, but if however we we’re to adopt the philosophy that helping others would in turn help us we may find that there is whole world of opportunity awaiting us out there with results of prosperity friendship success that would be so much more rewarding.

Believing that to be happy we must constantly strive to get more is the direct opposite of reality.

What we may not realize is that giving is sowing into others, much like planting a garden that will yield an abundance of increase in its season, so if we can expect a crop when planting our gardens, why then would we not expect a harvest when planting our seeds of support into others?

Studies have shown that giving amplifies not just the wealth and abundance we see with our eyes, but that it improves our health and enhances our sense of well-being all around. Giving confronts our fear of not having enough and boldly states to the world that we will not be held captive to our thoughts of lack. As Maya Angelou says, “Giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

There are many ways to give. Here are just a few ideas:

Giving Your Time
Volunteering will boost your spirits! It energizes, it inspires, it is a feeling that money can’t buy. Helping those in need makes you appreciate your life in a new way. Whether it’s helping at a local soup kitchen, visiting the elderly or sick, or making a meal for someone, consider giving some of your time to help others.

Giving Your Money
Statistics show that those of us who live here in North America are incredibly wealthy compared to most of the world. Consider giving part of your income to a charitable organization or to someone in need. Remember, what you give comes back to you multiplied.

Giving Encouragement
It costs nothing to boost someone’s spirits or to give away a smile. Whether it’s encouraging a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a stranger, life rewards you when you take a moment to affirm another person. Who in your life could you encourage today? Call, text, email or send a card or letter. It could make all the difference knowing someone cares.

Giving Thanks
Living with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation will definitely bring rewards! It can be done by saying “thank you” when a stranger holds a door open for you or by giving a “thank you” wave when someone lets you in a busy lane of traffic. Thank God for supporting you through the day. Give thanks for the food you eat, your home, and your job, your business.

Ask yourself at the beginning of each day, “How can I give? How can I be of service to someone today?” Give freely with no intention of receiving anything in return. As Winston Churchill so wisely stated, “Happiness is not so much in having as in sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” What kind of life will you choose to make?

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