Owning a Legitimate work at home Business

Equals Owning Your Life /through Network Marketing!
We live in times of unprecedented change in activity as well as where we do those activities, where and what we do for a living is no longer separate from who we are and what we value.

Taking our business efforts online using Network marketing is not only a great way for you to secure you future income and us a very successful business model, it has worked very successful in many Countries for many years and is becoming the focus for today and future for making a good to great living. I believe it will be not only a viable way but the way for us to build the next phase of life and income going forward, a tremendous vehicle to fulfill one’s life purpose without a job.

If you do this business with have the efforts that you are required to supply at a job you would be very successful and you would be contributing to not only your life but others as well there for contributing wholeheartedness, any venture is bound to succeed. Network marketing provides us the treasure map of resources to conquer all of our dreams. Start reading the vast amount of free knowledge available online to educate yourself on the proper process available to rebuilding our lives, if you are like me having lost your job, the world is waiting for the gifts you have to offer.

First, what you will learn on your journey of self-development will be nothing short of amassing. Learning the traits of inter personal skills in working with others focused on the personal development venue as an adventure, building a life of peace and prosperity around the world in Network Marketing.

Second, taking and using the wisdom of all those Leaders and innovators that have gone before us to create the way for us to build our lives and take to heart the lessons of life as you let your business soars to higher levels by following their expert teaching and guidance.
Third, exposing your business to mass numbers of people via the Internet is how you will become a Hugh Success. “It will be powered and built by connecting… REALLY CONNECTING… with people on a one to one basis with those who are willing to become, leaders with whom you will duplicate a few simple actions and perform them on a consistent daily basis to make a difference in your life as well as for themselves.

Having a Heart of Compassion coupled with Network Marketing as the vehicle will deliver you to a place where you will connect with a large number of people from all around the world and will definitely impact your life in ways you can only imagine, coupled with a passion for helping others will enable you to reach out and touch many people and reach heights that would otherwise only be a pipe dream.

Owning your Own USANA Business, think of the following options!
• Be Your Own Boss – You set your hours and dress code. Work where you want when you want, part-time or full-time.
• Low Financial Risk – Start-up costs are as little as $300-$500 Dollars US.
• No Franchise Fees or Royalties – No fees, minimal overhead, no need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.
• Work at Home – Spend more time with your family. No commute or rush hour traffic. Live where you want to live…your business moves with you.
• Immediate Income – Earnings can come as early as your second week with a realistic opportunity to earn an above-average income every week.
• Lifetime Income – You can build a successful income-generating business that can last a lifetime.
• No Employees – No employee-related hassle or paperwork.
• Significant Tax Benefits – Legally save thousands of dollars with home-based business deductions.
• Available for Everyone – No previous experience necessary. Training will be provided, allowing you to earn as you learn…regardless of age, sex, race or education. (Earn as you Learn).
• No Ceiling on Income – You are paid what you’re worth. You decide how much you earn.
• Live as You Please – Freedom at last. Live like the rich and famous without the responsibilities and burdens.
• Travel and spend time with your family.
• You control your time and lifestyle.

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  • Business Goals working from home

    In his classic Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill says: “Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”
    Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

    Defining clear goals and creating a strong vision for your business helps you become more focused on the daily business actions for success. You must be crystal clear about WHY you are committing time, effort and money to building your business. Having clear goals is what separates successful networkers from people who never achieve their goals.

    Clear goals keep you excited and keep you moving forward taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. When things are going well as well as when things are not going so good your goals will keep you going through the tougher times keeping you motivated, your goals need to be big enough and clear enough so that challenges you experience along the way seem small in comparison. If your goals are small or not clearly defined, any obstacle becomes a reason to quit. Your success is directly proportional to your ability to handle challenges that arise.
    Steps to defining your goals:

    Make room for some quiet time when you will not be interrupted. WRITE all the reasons why building your business and taking control of your life is important to you. Write 5 to 10 reasons on your list. Be specific! Write down key words and the date you want to accomplish them by.

    Example: I enjoy working from HOME while taking care of my KIDS, by (DATE). I will be driving a (fill in the name of your dream car, or at least
    what you’d like to be driving next year) by (DATE). Write down things even if they seem unrealistic to you now. Once your list is done, read it again. Now, can you summarize in one or two sentences your goals for building your business?

    If you have difficulty coming up with a list of goals, imagine yourself one year from today. Write a letter to yourself listing all of the positive changes that have taken place for you and your family because you’ve had the strength, vision and determination to build your business. This is a different way to come up with a vision (another word for “clear goals”) of what you are working to achieve.
    You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll create by putting your vision in writing and staying focused on it over time.
    Read your goals daily.

    Keep your goals right in front of you every day.
    Write them on a piece of paper. Put the paper where you see it at least three times a day.

    Some people do really well creating dream boards. It’s a fun exercise and visual images combined with words really help your mind to focus on the reality of what you’re creating. Collect some old magazine and cut out images that appeal to you or words that are meaningful. Hang it somewhere you can see it every day.

    If you’re able, spend some time each day looking at it and then close your eyes for just a few minutes and imagine what you will feel like when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between that feeling and the reality and the more you can implant and feel those thoughts and feelings, the more likely you are to move toward your goals.

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  • Joining a Networking Company work at home

    Here’s what should you look for in a company.

    At the top of the list should be the quality of the Products and Service the company offers.
    • Exciting. If you’re personally excited by the results of the products and use them yourself, your enthusiasm will be your best sales asset.
    • High quality. Your long-term residual income is based on the product’s ability to deliver on its promise and maintain customer loyalty. You’ll never have to make an apology for a high-quality product.

    • Fairly priced. Network Marketing products don’t usually win as the low-cost provider. However, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean overpriced. Make sure you or your customers are comparing apples to apples when price-shopping the competition.

    • Lifecycle. Make sure you have products with the viability of the growing market and demand Globally!
    • Exclusivity. Be cautious if it’s available through other channels of distribution such as retail stores, catalogues or other outlet retailers.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee. A company must stand behind its products 100% if it doesn’t stand behind its product that will surely leave you embarrassed or potentially responsible to your customers.

    • Sales aids. Make sure the company has the HIGHEST Quality of promotional literature that adequately directions of business support to you in building your network.
    Once you’ve found a Company with products and service you can believe in evaluate the company based on your personal needs and beliefs. Here’s what to look for:

    • Support materials. Company literature should be easily understandable and provide a professional image to support your business activities.
    • Policies and procedures “do’s and don’ts”. Read and understand what you can and can’t do. These internal distributor regulations are designed to protect the integrity of the business and deal with any renegade distributor who can ruin things for everyone. If the company offers no policy documents, heed this as a red flag. This company either hasn’t had good Network Marketing legal advice or doesn’t plan to stick around very long.

    • Corporate executives. They should be committed to the HIGHEST quality and integrity, and have genuine concern for their distributors. Interview them if possible, or at least talk to other successful distributors for their thoughts.
    • Does one or more have experience in Network Marketing?
    • Are experts involved in areas of administration, financial management, distribution and commissioning software?
    • Has the company hired professional consultants to help in areas of Business?

    • History. How long has the company been in business? How many countries does it operate in? How many distributors does it have? What are its gross yearly sales? Is it well-funded? If it’s privately held, is it operating on the Stock exchange, this information might not be readily available, but it’s worth a try.

    • Compensation plan. Does it sound realistic in its promises? Was it designed by competent experienced Network Marketing experts? Does it fit your needs for part-time income or a full-time career opportunity? Does the plan use time-tested and proven success concepts, or are you part of an experimental program? Look for proof of success of their concept. Have your sponsor or a company official explain it to you in detail. Making sure you get a solid presentation of their information before you join.

    • Philosophy. Does it fit your value system or style and make you feel comfortable and proud to be part of the organization?
    • Sales and training. Does the company and Up-line offer regular support sessions by telephone and online training?
    • Commission software provider. Does your company provide the software that will determine your success?
    • Communication. Look for good to GREAT communication in the form of newsletters, voice-mail capabilities, national conference calls and a strong Web presence using all available communication technologies.

    • Protection. The only required investment should be a no commission able starter kit and products for personal use. All other investments should be optional. Beware of large inventory load enticements or offers to buy positions. In case things don’t work out for you, make sure that the company will stand behind you with a proper return policy.

    One important thing to keep in mind –
    Even if you’re inexperienced choosing the right Up-line sponsor to support you can be equally important. Is there someone in your a mediate Up-line who will work with you who has had substantial success and can show you the way? This can be your shortcut to accelerated growth and my strongest recommendation for gaining early momentum.

    To YOUR All-Star Success!

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  • Having a Success attitude working from home

    Are You in It to Win It?
    Have you ever heard, “It isn’t whether you win or lose; it is how you play the game”? I’m sure you have. But do you know who said it? Some guy who came in second place!

    It presupposes, and strongly suggests, that being a winner and or playing the game to win are two options that are employed be the rich and if we are going to be rich or well off then we need to copy the actions of the rich and Successful people and by mimicking what they do that gives them success and when we do the same actions we will also have the same success results that they have.
    We should do everything we can to win at this game called life. But we ought to make sure to do all that we can to help others win, and in that process we will help ourselves as well.

    Here are few thoughts on playing to win.
    Any business worth doing is worth pursuing to success.
    If I get into a business, I play to win. Because what value is there in joining a company if your intention or thought is only to expect someone else is going to make you rich, because that will never happen no matter what company you connect with, so you need to make sure you apply yourself by being active and following the process. And what benefits are there in acting or behaving like a slacker? What virtue or purpose is there in mediocrity? None. I take every facet of life serous and apply myself to win—spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, even relationally—in every area of my life we must assume the leadership position.

    It is good to win.
    We live in an age where people are looking for people who are winners to connect with, not losers. Many people in our society have given up because they see no way to win, but; I would like to draw your attention to the comment that says “Necessity is the mother of Invention” So when things get tight like they are today, that’s the time for us to take a serious look at what else we can do as an alternative. It is good to push ourselves, to stretch and reach for victory.

    There doesn’t have to be a loser in life.
    Yes, in team sports there will always be losers, but in life, we can all win. Because we can all strive for the best and give it our all to win by working together. Winners are the people who take actions and move families, businesses, organizations, cities and countries ahead. Winners are the movers and shakers who push progress. You don’t think a couch potato will cure cancer or discover the next great technology, do you? No, it will be someone who has chosen to be a winner!

    Winner’s help others to win.
    Today we need to have a mentality where we choose to work together with others in the process. Good people, those who pursue winning by a choice of conduct of excellence, are also people who stop to help others so that they, also, have an opportunity to enjoy the spoils of victory. Pursue to win, but help others achieve success in all areas of life.
    Winners make everyone better. I will be better because the winner will make me grow in every area of my life. Winners promote growth for even those who would otherwise be losers so that they, too, can become winners.

    Questions for reflection:
    • Are you afraid of winning?
    • Do you think it is wrong to win?
    • Are you living each area of your life as though you are a winner?
    • Are you enjoying your wins?
    • Are you helping others win with you?
    Friends, we need to play in the game of life completely. That means doing what it takes to make the goal or cross the finish line. You may have to slow your pace or change your strategy along the way, but stay in it and win it!

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  • Becoming a Leader in working from home

    The New Era of Network marketing…
    The entire Network Marketing industry has changed so drastically that in the last couple of years it has become so much easier to learn the principals of leadership. It is growing and changing as people come to understand that success is not about just getting as many people as you can to sign up to build a large network, but rather uplifting and supporting others and helping them to actually achieve success by learning the process of working together and becoming more than just a networker but also become more of a Leader to the network! The focus has changed from all of us trying to become a great sales person to being a great support in the system. So if you’re brand new to the industry, how does this affect you? How can you become a Network Marketing leader that people actually want to work with?
    How to become a Network Marketing Leader?

    First Learning!
    Every true Network Marketing leader started out exactly the same as you if you are new to the industry, knowing very little about how to achieve success in this new business adventure. To really become a leader you will need to start by learning whatever you can about the Network Marketing structure that the company of choice has to offer. This doesn’t mean buying courses and training, because all companies have their own process of training required in there opportunity (although training is the fast-track way to do it!) With our opportunity you can simply study our Company Network Marketing Training Process & “do’s and don’ts”, also watch and use our free video library of information on the Network Marketing industry. Most important is to work with your direct up-line for the best fast track start process. Do your best to learn one new leadership skill every day. It could be on how to handle objections, how to meet the needs of your contacts, how to add quality of support to others, how to do the presentation of your company plan, etc.

    You will quickly gain the required knowledge that other people have learned and provide in the company process. You then simply share your knowledge with all your new people or prospects in your down line, you will soon see how that, that is what people need in order to follow your lead, building your leadership and become a true leader. You don’t need to know everything to be a success; you just need to be honest and lead by committed and dedicated example, continuing on in the pursuit of knowledge and success with your team.

    Anyone who doesn’t tell the truth about the business that they are promoting or if they misrepresent any part of the business; through lying about what it takes to succeed will have major consequences leading to failure in the business both in the short and long term as a result their business will crumble underneath them. Why? Because if you teach your down-line to duplicate your actions, “Remember that Like –Produces-Like” the example you are setting or providing is what your downline will reproduce and follow, you want to make sure that you are presenting the truth because your network of people will also have the same misconceptions about what it takes to be successful, they won’t be prepared for the amount of action required or necessary. We show people EXACTLY what they need to do to be successful in our Network Marketing Opportunity. It is very important that each person take a good look at the information that we have to offer, because until you have seen all the information you will not understand what this opportunity has to offer or how it works or could be of assistance to you or how it could become the process that could deliver you out of the recession or pour economy.

    Negative thinking is the result of not understanding the process. If you don’t think that you can’t do it, you are correct because you don’t believe in yourself and the process of working together with the training process and that id your only obstacle, that likely means that you need to take a better look at the system process, because this process can be achieved by just about anyone applying themselves.

    Learning what the requirements would be for you to achieve the level of success you need, and how to leverage your time and efforts of your team, this could be the difference between success or failure, hit the ground running with all that we have to offer you in our full training and you will enjoy the comfort of success much sooner!

    Consistent and daily efforts are VITAL to becoming a Network Marketing leader with consistent growth. It doesn’t mean spending every spare moment on your daylight hours on the business, but you need to be actively involved in doing something daily to reach your goals. If you choose to start a Network Marketing Business make sure to be actively involved with your down-line at all times because if they are people that need to be motivated and lead by example, this will both allow your leads to see you as a leader, and they will see what actions they need to duplicate for themselves and what they need teach their down-line.

    When you work to assist others in their success without looking for anything in return, you will be a true Networking marketing leader. There is nothing more attractive to people then someone who genuinely cares and wants to help others without the need for self-promotion. That’s why offering free training is one of the best things you can do to establish yourself as a leader.
    As a true leader you will need to learn how to assess wither the person that you are intervening has the right qualities to be successful if you should choose to partner with them? All the people that come to you from the Internet will not be right for you to join with, but may have the ability to learn if they have the right attitude?

    Every person who goes through out training will have good shot at becoming a success in networking marketing.

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  • Asses your attitude in work from home business

    What’s in your Head determines what’s in your Wallet?

    Acquiring the Attitude of Abundance, Look within or Go Without!

    “Why aren’t you rich already?” That’s a good question to ask yourself.

    We live in a time of unprecedented wealth and opportunity for us to tap into. More people are becoming wealthy and it isn’t the lottery in the last 20 years than any other time in human history—why haven’t you? Looking at your answer to this question will reveal a lot about yourself. Your answers may expose some self-limiting beliefs, your doubts, your fears, your excuses; your rationalizations maybe even some justifications?

    Mental Qualities
    One of the greatest limitations to achieving financial abundance is a deep-seated belief that somehow a job will always be there to meet or provide our needs, but that is both a belief and a thing of the past. Today so many of us have changed our focus to looking at the lottery instead of looking at what would be required for us to be successful both in the short and long term in a personal business operated from home.
    A Lot of people have been taught throughout their lives that money is wrong and people who have a lot of it are inherently bad. This belief is a personal presupposition. It goes back to early childhood conditioning when a growing child is often told this because of other people’s envy or desire to rationalize away their own financial failures.

    The fact is money is neither good nor bad it just is. It is a commodity of our tangible resource necessary for all of us to work with in creating our lives. It takes money to build hospitals, churches, shelters, or businesses. Money is also needed to buy homes, cars, clothes, food, vacations and other commodities required to live and thrive in life. Creating a life of limitless abundance is not to take it away from someone else but to take the required actions to earn what we need ourselves. The accumulation of wealth is accomplished only by consistently applying the required efforts and discipline. Money has energy of its own, and it is largely attracted to people who understand its virtues and respect its power. Money tends to flow toward those people who can use it in the most productive ways to produce valuable, and who can invest it to create support and opportunities that benefit others. At the same time, money flows away from those who use it poorly, or who spend it in non-productive ways.
    To Have More, You Must Become More

    Money will meet you where you are. Your net worth will equal your self-worth. These are not just clever quotes; they are wise truths—and realities for most. Why does this happen? At an unconscious level of our mind some of us have a wrong value set and focus on making money the hard way. If we look at the process that the rich have used in creating their wealth, a former leader in business ones said, “If you win or earn a million dollars, the first thing you will require is to learn how to have a millionaire mindset.” So learn the character, habits, disciplines and, most importantly, attitudes of a millionaire.

    Worry is one of the most costly attitudes. Worry is a fear emotion. Fearful thoughts deplete your creative energies and inhibit your ability to make smart choices and actions, which ends up pushing us farther away from prosperity.

    When we have an attitude of abundance we proclaim it and that attracts it to us. When we are confident about money and grateful for what we have, it changes how we see things, how we talk and how we act. This mindset, outlook and behaviour stimulate your inner creativity and attract other like-minded people to join you in the process of money-making insights and opportunities. Positive, ambitious, abundance-minded people like to associate themselves with people who do business with people of the same mindset. Successful people will avoid people with pessimistic attitudes about what is possible.
    How much Money?

    What or how much would make you happy? You do not need to have an attitude of greed to become successful but you do need to project a positive mindset at all times. Once you feel wealthy you will continue to think wealthy and act wealthy and it will charge the magnetism that will attract more to you.
    People become wealthy because they decide to become wealthy. Those who believe they can become wealthy and are worthy of great financial wealth are the ones who project it. Because they believe this completely, they act accordingly. They consistently take the necessary and required actions that turn their beliefs into realities. Decide now that you are worthy of more then what you have, and it will be your first step toward greater prosperity.
    Opportunity is everywhere. No matter where you look, you will find someone working on pursuing actions that they hope will fulfil their dreams and bring rewarded of great abundance.

    For centuries, people have sacrificed life and limb just to get here. You are here. People with far more difficulties and much greater obstacles and limitations have gone on to become incredibly wealthy—why not you? People who are less intelligent, who had more difficulties or childhoods, fewer privileges of support have gone on to make great fortunes. So can you. If you think you can, you will.

    Your attitude will determine your destiny!

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