Can I Have Success in working from home?

So much has been written over the years, about Network Marketing. Many today when hearing about Network Marketing, a negative connotation springs into their minds. The horrors, in some cases, they have experienced or those of friends and family bring fear and suspicion to their minds.

In the present, the internet is both a tremendous tool to use when building a home business, obtaining the financial freedom many seek through this avenue of income. The unfortunate part is that anyone can make a claim and pot it online on the internet. They can voice their thoughts and opinions even if they are only lies or half-truths, and indeed anyone. This poison then gets set into the minds of those who have not experienced Network Marketing and that makes it difficult for the Honest to build a substantial income.

But, I’m about reality. Having been in Network Marketing for years with several different companies, my preference in the choice of the company stays the same, it must be of Quality. One of the major goals for me is to have a product and service that can really help people in their lives, their health, and their finances. So I always approach people with truth, honesty, and reality. That is how I choose to do business, as integrity is the very most important to me.

There is no question that Network Marketing offers a fantastic way to make money. If you can find a passion for the products and services, you can be immensely successful. You can build to a 5, 6, or even 7 figure income and beyond. For that to happen, you must be willing to make a commitment to your team as a leader and not go in pretending to build that business, basically is ‘on’ 24/7. You must be ready to ‘help’ those people you bring into the business with you, the people they bring in. Success will come through your actions efforts and hard work, helping others be successful is the act that will catapult you to the top.

The formula for success in Network Marketing has been set forth and you can go from one company to the other and hear the exact same words. “Find a successful person and do what they do” “Follow our 4 step plan and you will grow” “Get your warm list of 25 – 50 – 100 names and start calling” “Utilize the 3-way call” and there’s more that you will hear in ANY MLM company and it sounds like they just thought it up, but they didn’t. Sizzle calls are big with them. Webinars are coming into being the next big tool so that the prospect doesn’t have to leave their home see a presentation. I dare say all of these tools should be utilized to build your business.

The reality of it all is that with all of these tools around and at your disposal, there is and always will be one factor that will make you successful, and none are listed above. The ONE and ONLY factor to building a successful Network Marketing business, is YOU! If YOU don’t act, the business doesn’t get built. If you buy into a Network Marketing Company yet don’t talk to anyone about it, and I’m talking those you know and those you just meet, your business won’t grow. IF you don’t participate in the events of your company, you will have a difficult time growing your business. If you don’t find people who are willing to put in the time, you find a hard road to travel to success. Mostly, if you don’t have a mindset to help others be successful, in this business you may not find yourself climbing that ladder of success.

There are many good companies out there and some not so good. Whichever one you choose, understand success may or may not come right away. Then when it happens like a skyrocket, sustaining it over a long period of time means you must support your team in a maintenance mode. In both cases focusing on making others successful is the key there. You have to sell, that is the nature of the beast. Looking at our world it is made up of sales everywhere not just in Network Marketing. Nest if you believe in your product or service, selling becomes much easier.

For my preferences, I get so turned off when I am approached by people who have that Rah Rah, phony personality. It doesn’t feel like the real person who believes in their product or has my best interest at heart. No, I’m not saying that people should have my best interest at heart, but they should make me comfortable that they are going to help me be a success. Look to make others successful, then you will be successful through those efforts.

Success and successful opportunities are there for you to have. Network Marketing is a fantastic way to be successful and take care of your family. Commit to taking action once you do, and seek to help others become successful and the rewards can certainly come your way. Don’t be afraid to succeed. Most companies will have great support systems for you. Don’t be afraid to get into business with a person who has a large organization or one who has none. Your business does not depend upon that person’s business or success because today the company offers what you need to be successful. You’ll get the help you need, just be willing to give back to your people.

Success & Winning will be part of your future.

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