Asses your attitude in work from home business

What’s in your Head determines what’s in your Wallet?

Acquiring the Attitude of Abundance, Look within or Go Without!

“Why aren’t you rich already?” That’s a good question to ask yourself.

We live in a time of unprecedented wealth and opportunity for us to tap into. More people are becoming wealthy and it isn’t the lottery in the last 20 years than any other time in human history—why haven’t you? Looking at your answer to this question will reveal a lot about yourself. Your answers may expose some self-limiting beliefs, your doubts, your fears, your excuses; your rationalizations maybe even some justifications?

Mental Qualities
One of the greatest limitations to achieving financial abundance is a deep-seated belief that somehow a job will always be there to meet or provide our needs, but that is both a belief and a thing of the past. Today so many of us have changed our focus to looking at the lottery instead of looking at what would be required for us to be successful both in the short and long term in a personal business operated from home.
A Lot of people have been taught throughout their lives that money is wrong and people who have a lot of it are inherently bad. This belief is a personal presupposition. It goes back to early childhood conditioning when a growing child is often told this because of other people’s envy or desire to rationalize away their own financial failures.

The fact is money is neither good nor bad it just is. It is a commodity of our tangible resource necessary for all of us to work with in creating our lives. It takes money to build hospitals, churches, shelters, or businesses. Money is also needed to buy homes, cars, clothes, food, vacations and other commodities required to live and thrive in life. Creating a life of limitless abundance is not to take it away from someone else but to take the required actions to earn what we need ourselves. The accumulation of wealth is accomplished only by consistently applying the required efforts and discipline. Money has energy of its own, and it is largely attracted to people who understand its virtues and respect its power. Money tends to flow toward those people who can use it in the most productive ways to produce valuable, and who can invest it to create support and opportunities that benefit others. At the same time, money flows away from those who use it poorly, or who spend it in non-productive ways.
To Have More, You Must Become More

Money will meet you where you are. Your net worth will equal your self-worth. These are not just clever quotes; they are wise truths—and realities for most. Why does this happen? At an unconscious level of our mind some of us have a wrong value set and focus on making money the hard way. If we look at the process that the rich have used in creating their wealth, a former leader in business ones said, “If you win or earn a million dollars, the first thing you will require is to learn how to have a millionaire mindset.” So learn the character, habits, disciplines and, most importantly, attitudes of a millionaire.

Worry is one of the most costly attitudes. Worry is a fear emotion. Fearful thoughts deplete your creative energies and inhibit your ability to make smart choices and actions, which ends up pushing us farther away from prosperity.

When we have an attitude of abundance we proclaim it and that attracts it to us. When we are confident about money and grateful for what we have, it changes how we see things, how we talk and how we act. This mindset, outlook and behaviour stimulate your inner creativity and attract other like-minded people to join you in the process of money-making insights and opportunities. Positive, ambitious, abundance-minded people like to associate themselves with people who do business with people of the same mindset. Successful people will avoid people with pessimistic attitudes about what is possible.
How much Money?

What or how much would make you happy? You do not need to have an attitude of greed to become successful but you do need to project a positive mindset at all times. Once you feel wealthy you will continue to think wealthy and act wealthy and it will charge the magnetism that will attract more to you.
People become wealthy because they decide to become wealthy. Those who believe they can become wealthy and are worthy of great financial wealth are the ones who project it. Because they believe this completely, they act accordingly. They consistently take the necessary and required actions that turn their beliefs into realities. Decide now that you are worthy of more then what you have, and it will be your first step toward greater prosperity.
Opportunity is everywhere. No matter where you look, you will find someone working on pursuing actions that they hope will fulfil their dreams and bring rewarded of great abundance.

For centuries, people have sacrificed life and limb just to get here. You are here. People with far more difficulties and much greater obstacles and limitations have gone on to become incredibly wealthy—why not you? People who are less intelligent, who had more difficulties or childhoods, fewer privileges of support have gone on to make great fortunes. So can you. If you think you can, you will.

Your attitude will determine your destiny!

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  • Vision for working from home

    Our Vision is to assist Equip, Teach, Train, our population each and every one interested in starting on the road back to making a decent living after the job that used to be our lifestyle and Enlarge the Network of people looking to Achieve, personal & financial Success in life. Through the network marketing system where everyone works together and has the ability to achieve whatever level of income would be a comfortable lifestyle for each one.

    We have for your connection and opportunity to work from home part time with a team of people that love to assist each other with the daily business tasks of creating a lifestyle income from home, a business opportunity giving you access to a number of countries working right across the globe in health and nutrition.

    This is an ideal business model capturing a large portion of the market interest, when the job market shrinks like today the internet and network marketing pickup drastically because people are looking for other ways to make a living. This at first glance may not be the ideal for you but after looking at it more closely, I think that you will find it to be a very sound comparable source for a very lucrative lifestyle.

    Anyone looking for extra income working part time with people you like this is your best choice for the future in the virtual world of income. Taking into consideration the circumstances we are facing with the job loss in the market, this could become a Great alternative?

    This is a Legitimate Business opportunity and is completely online giving everyone the ability to connect for the process of reaching the Globe with this amazing system and opportunity. We believe that the “internet” is a powerful tool for any business to be Successful. I would encourage everyone to do their research for the company that’s right for you, with full Team support and system for your personal preference, working together is the only way for us to restore the economic system and functionality of our world “Entering the Network of Online Business and Prosperity ” to build your life into a total success with overflow living.

    We have been given an opportunity to spread the message of how each one of us can improve our lives with products of True HEALTH, and income of True Wealth in working from home. There is NO Emptiness in a GOOD Business of Substance, and we believe there should not be Emptiness in any aspect of our lives, including relationships, careers, family, health, finances and Godly Success. We believe that constant struggle in life is a choice, not a destiny. This business opportunity in working from home is an alternative to the lack of what a job would provide if we still had jobs to go to!

    We have the ability to reach out to our friends, relatives and Nabors sharing /assisting others and becoming a part of a united force for the alternative process to a job for a better lifestyle opportunity changing people’s lives one person at a time, adding value to each other as we work together to achieve the lifestyle we all want to have, improving life for ourselves as well as our family, friends and Nabors. A valuable opportunity to each and every person that is in need for extra income and those we know that could use extra income and may be interested in working from home improving their lives wanting better for Him or Herself, to build an improved lifestyle and world for themselves and their families.

    Building a worldwide Organization in Network Marketing with “Devoted People working together as a Team” to overcome the level of poverty that looms over so many today evolves a lot of personal growth in multiple areas of our lives. We would like for you to partner up with us in bringing this great opportunity to everyone you have connection with to provide Good HEALTH and prosperity in all our business activities, transforming People from the sick and poor to the HEALTHY & WEALTHY Lifestyles.

    We believe in the process of empowering each other in the process of improving ourselves and teaching others around the world the Success traits and Quality of Leadership. The purpose here is to gather together in one voice to all who have a need and know of others that are the same need, teaching and equipping everyone that is Serious.

    United we stand, divided we fall …

    Becoming a Leader in working from home

    The New Era of Network marketing…
    The entire Network Marketing industry has changed so drastically that in the last couple of years it has become so much easier to learn the principals of leadership. It is growing and changing as people come to understand that success is not about just getting as many people as you can to sign up to build a large network, but rather uplifting and supporting others and helping them to actually achieve success by learning the process of working together and becoming more than just a networker but also become more of a Leader to the network! The focus has changed from all of us trying to become a great sales person to being a great support in the system. So if you’re brand new to the industry, how does this affect you? How can you become a Network Marketing leader that people actually want to work with?
    How to become a Network Marketing Leader?

    First Learning!
    Every true Network Marketing leader started out exactly the same as you if you are new to the industry, knowing very little about how to achieve success in this new business adventure. To really become a leader you will need to start by learning whatever you can about the Network Marketing structure that the company of choice has to offer. This doesn’t mean buying courses and training, because all companies have their own process of training required in there opportunity (although training is the fast-track way to do it!) With our opportunity you can simply study our Company Network Marketing Training Process & “do’s and don’ts”, also watch and use our free video library of information on the Network Marketing industry. Most important is to work with your direct up-line for the best fast track start process. Do your best to learn one new leadership skill every day. It could be on how to handle objections, how to meet the needs of your contacts, how to add quality of support to others, how to do the presentation of your company plan, etc.

    You will quickly gain the required knowledge that other people have learned and provide in the company process. You then simply share your knowledge with all your new people or prospects in your down line, you will soon see how that, that is what people need in order to follow your lead, building your leadership and become a true leader. You don’t need to know everything to be a success; you just need to be honest and lead by committed and dedicated example, continuing on in the pursuit of knowledge and success with your team.

    Anyone who doesn’t tell the truth about the business that they are promoting or if they misrepresent any part of the business; through lying about what it takes to succeed will have major consequences leading to failure in the business both in the short and long term as a result their business will crumble underneath them. Why? Because if you teach your down-line to duplicate your actions, “Remember that Like –Produces-Like” the example you are setting or providing is what your downline will reproduce and follow, you want to make sure that you are presenting the truth because your network of people will also have the same misconceptions about what it takes to be successful, they won’t be prepared for the amount of action required or necessary. We show people EXACTLY what they need to do to be successful in our Network Marketing Opportunity. It is very important that each person take a good look at the information that we have to offer, because until you have seen all the information you will not understand what this opportunity has to offer or how it works or could be of assistance to you or how it could become the process that could deliver you out of the recession or pour economy.

    Negative thinking is the result of not understanding the process. If you don’t think that you can’t do it, you are correct because you don’t believe in yourself and the process of working together with the training process and that id your only obstacle, that likely means that you need to take a better look at the system process, because this process can be achieved by just about anyone applying themselves.

    Learning what the requirements would be for you to achieve the level of success you need, and how to leverage your time and efforts of your team, this could be the difference between success or failure, hit the ground running with all that we have to offer you in our full training and you will enjoy the comfort of success much sooner!

    Consistent and daily efforts are VITAL to becoming a Network Marketing leader with consistent growth. It doesn’t mean spending every spare moment on your daylight hours on the business, but you need to be actively involved in doing something daily to reach your goals. If you choose to start a Network Marketing Business make sure to be actively involved with your down-line at all times because if they are people that need to be motivated and lead by example, this will both allow your leads to see you as a leader, and they will see what actions they need to duplicate for themselves and what they need teach their down-line.

    When you work to assist others in their success without looking for anything in return, you will be a true Networking marketing leader. There is nothing more attractive to people then someone who genuinely cares and wants to help others without the need for self-promotion. That’s why offering free training is one of the best things you can do to establish yourself as a leader.
    As a true leader you will need to learn how to assess wither the person that you are intervening has the right qualities to be successful if you should choose to partner with them? All the people that come to you from the Internet will not be right for you to join with, but may have the ability to learn if they have the right attitude?

    Every person who goes through out training will have good shot at becoming a success in networking marketing.

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  • Affirmations in work from home

    Running a successful home business is very much a matter of how we program our thinking, and the way that we think is probably the most important thing we could do to either be successful or not. Now the foundation for self-improvement begins with how we think about ourselves and the everyday use of affirmations. Upbeat and encouraging phrases encourage us to think positive thoughts, feelings and actions that you need to bring your goals to fruition.

    You can reprogram yourself for success with the correctly used affirmations, or you can program yourself for defeat by using the wrong or incorrect affirmations.

    How you phrase your affirmation is a big part of how your mind receives it. You should always phrase it in a positive way, the here and now way and with conviction. For example, “I am fit and healthy” is much better to say than “I don’t want to be fat”.

    You should speak your positive affirmation out loud (because you need to hear them) possible 5-10 times each day especially “each morning and evening” just before going to sleep as your mind works with the last bit of programing you receive just before going to sleep, so remember to say them out loud and not just think it, repeating them numerous times throughout the day will solidify them into your minds thought the process and the more you think of them the more your mind pays attention to them (remember that what you focus on has your attention)(& what has your attention Grows) working on making them reality. With your continual use of positive affirmations you will notice how your goals will slowly start forming and becoming reality.

    When you are repeating “I am fit and healthy”, doubt is normal …especially when you are looking in the mirror and see someone that is possibly overweight and not healthy or in shape while repeating your affirmation. Do not let your doubts get to you and do not beat yourself up over them, they are normal …instead, just repeat your affirmation again over and over with even more conviction.

    Proverbs 18:21 King James Version (KJV) Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    Speaking Positive affirmation OVER Yourself! will produce them in reality! That’s Gods law… (The more that YOU here them the more you believe them.)

    Confession is the most Powerful Voice in you life, because; you believe YOU more that anyone or anything else. So speak positive messages over yourself it will bring positive things into your future! 

    (Because the Bible says that you forecast your future with your words.)

    People often quit using their positive affirmations before they have even started because they feel that it is stupid and harebrained. Remember, even when you exercise every day you don’t see an immediate difference, it takes time and work. Your affirmations take time to work and you need to keep a positive attitude, no matter what you see in the mirror So Speak Positive WORDS.

    How you feel is an important part of saying your affirmations; so you need to remove any doubt and make you affirmation mean something to you. You can produce quicker results and have continually positive feelings about your affirmations by adding one little word.

    A very powerful way to phrase your affirmations is instead of saying “I am fit and healthy”, you would say, “I am becoming a fit and healthy person”… Instead of “I am a millionaire”; say “I am becoming a millionaire”.

    By adding the word “becoming”, it allows you to stay positively focused on your affirmations. You can also use “I am in the process of…” For example, “I am in the process of running a successful home based business”

    The more positive emotions you add to your affirmations, the sooner they will come into existence. Using these or similar modifiers can help you mentally believe the affirmations as true, and that will increase your positive emotions.

    You know how they say Success and Failure are 6 inches apart from the left ear to the right ear, that’s because we either think positive or negative thoughts, so make sure that you promote the outcome you want to see materialize in your life!  (THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS)

    Following are some examples you use or make up your own…

    • I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.
    • I let go of the old, negative beliefs that have stood in the way of my Success.
    • My mind is free of resistance and open to exciting new possibilities.
    • I am worthy of all the good life has to offer, and I deserve to be successful.
    • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
    • I am grateful for all my skills and talents that serve me so well.
    • I am enjoying my work today and optimistic about what lies ahead in the coming days.
    • The universe is filled with endless opportunities for me and my Success.
    • I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.
    • I am always open minded and eager to explore new avenues to success.
    • I recognize opportunity when it knocks and seize the moment.
    • Everywhere I look, I see prosperity.
    • I am well organized and manage my time with expert efficiency.
    • I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.
    • My ambitions are in perfect alignment with my personal values.
    • By creating success for myself I am creating success and opportunities for others.
    • As I take on new challenges I feel calm, confident, and powerful.
    • Creating solutions comes naturally to me.
    • I always attract successful people who understand and encourage me.
    • I recognize every new challenge as a new opportunity.
    • I celebrate each goal I accomplish with joy and gratitude.
    1. I have the power to do the most incredible things
    2. I’m confident in myself and my abilities
    3. I always make the best decision for myself
    4. I am in charge of my life
    5. My confidence in myself grows more and more every day
    6. My confidence is constantly increasing
    7. I’m a magnet for success
    8. I can achieve anything I put my mind to
    9. I love myself
    10. I believe in myself and my abilities
    11. I have the power to accomplish everything I need to do today
    12. I know I’m making a difference
    13. My clients love to work with me
    14. I’m constantly inspiring people around me
    15. I’m proud of myself and my achievements
    16. I wake up each morning feeling confident and empowered
    17. Confidence is my birth right
    18. I’m successful in everything I do
    19. I attract success by being my authentic self
    20. Everyday in every way I’m becoming more confident
    21. All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success
    22. I’m radiant with confidence, certainty and optimism
    23. I exude confidence
    24. I’m confident in the decisions I make
    25. I trust myself and my intuition
    26. Every decision I make leads me towards my desires
    27. Confidence is my middle name
    28. I live each day feeling confident and grateful
    29. I love seeing my confidence grow every single day
    30. I radiate confidence and positivity
    31. I am confident

    Becoming a Top Earner in Working from home

    Achieve Success First By Adding Value …
    So you think you have found the best networking marketing company for yourself, and you’re excited to get going! The question is how can you cut your learning required quickly and transform yourself into a top earner in your new company Business?

    These days, with the Internet, you can utilize the power of Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more capturing the attention of millions. Building the best network marketing business is so much more powerful when you leverage the power of the Internet and a large group of people.

    So, with the old school model of Network Marketing, the more people you present the information to, the more success they say you’ll achieve, right? Wrong… If that was the case, then it would be simple to become the top income earner of the Network marketing company you chose. Why is it that there is still only a fraction of the people who you present to that realize their capability and reach their goals and gain success?
    What are the secrets of the top income earners and how do they succeed where so many others fail?

    It’s about the System Process, Motivation and Determination. Successful entrepreneurs are doing what they love doing, and remember that the successful are doing it, not just waiting for it to happen or waiting for someone else to do it for them, loving what you is the key otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it either, nor would they be successful. Passion is absolutely necessary for large Success, says Donald Trump. Network Marketing is about sharing your passion, there’s no question about that.

    However, it’s not just about being passionate about your company and products. Top income earners know that when they share their enthusiasm for learning, sharing your knowledge, and leveraging their time and efforts coupled with the passion of helping others that they to create success for themselves with others, and that process helps each of us to find those that are right for the opportunity and many other will follow.

    As you continue to be a leader and cultivate leadership relationships in others, using the Internet to leverage your time, and share your talents with your team and new members, you won’t have to chase people to join your business. Instead, people will seek YOU out and join your business because of what you have to offer them.
    Is it that simple?

    Yes. When you are sharing your talents and become the leader people want to follow, you will be selling yourself as an expert in the industry. You will distinguish yourself amongst a sea of other people who are trying to climb the success ladder, and sometimes claw their way to the top.

    The Law of Attraction is always at work for us, giving us an opportunity to build what we want. Remember that I said BUILD there are so many companies out there that will try to tell you that you do not have to do anything to become rich, and that just doesn’t happen in the real world. If you are clear on where you stand on the belief system and in yourself to back it up, there is nothing that will stop you from becoming a top income earner.

    So, “Take the leap of faith that’s necessary in any worthwhile endeavour and turn this opportunity into Success. Network Marketing is a business in which everyone CAN succeed if you are serious about getting or having a better life for yourself.

    After you’ve found that best network marketing company for yourself, make sure that it offers a powerful team of experts who can show you the way, and then be coachable and follow what the top 3% of successful income earners are doing. Become a student of Network Working Marketing industry and grow
    your knowledge. Then simply share what you’ve learned.

    If you provide value in a caring environment first, Success can’t help but follow you.

    Having a Success attitude working from home

    Are You in It to Win It?
    Have you ever heard, “It isn’t whether you win or lose; it is how you play the game”? I’m sure you have. But do you know who said it? Some guy who came in second place!

    It presupposes, and strongly suggests, that being a winner and or playing the game to win are two options that are employed be the rich and if we are going to be rich or well off then we need to copy the actions of the rich and Successful people and by mimicking what they do that gives them success and when we do the same actions we will also have the same success results that they have.
    We should do everything we can to win at this game called life. But we ought to make sure to do all that we can to help others win, and in that process we will help ourselves as well.

    Here are few thoughts on playing to win.
    Any business worth doing is worth pursuing to success.
    If I get into a business, I play to win. Because what value is there in joining a company if your intention or thought is only to expect someone else is going to make you rich, because that will never happen no matter what company you connect with, so you need to make sure you apply yourself by being active and following the process. And what benefits are there in acting or behaving like a slacker? What virtue or purpose is there in mediocrity? None. I take every facet of life serous and apply myself to win—spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, even relationally—in every area of my life we must assume the leadership position.

    It is good to win.
    We live in an age where people are looking for people who are winners to connect with, not losers. Many people in our society have given up because they see no way to win, but; I would like to draw your attention to the comment that says “Necessity is the mother of Invention” So when things get tight like they are today, that’s the time for us to take a serious look at what else we can do as an alternative. It is good to push ourselves, to stretch and reach for victory.

    There doesn’t have to be a loser in life.
    Yes, in team sports there will always be losers, but in life, we can all win. Because we can all strive for the best and give it our all to win by working together. Winners are the people who take actions and move families, businesses, organizations, cities and countries ahead. Winners are the movers and shakers who push progress. You don’t think a couch potato will cure cancer or discover the next great technology, do you? No, it will be someone who has chosen to be a winner!

    Winner’s help others to win.
    Today we need to have a mentality where we choose to work together with others in the process. Good people, those who pursue winning by a choice of conduct of excellence, are also people who stop to help others so that they, also, have an opportunity to enjoy the spoils of victory. Pursue to win, but help others achieve success in all areas of life.
    Winners make everyone better. I will be better because the winner will make me grow in every area of my life. Winners promote growth for even those who would otherwise be losers so that they, too, can become winners.

    Questions for reflection:
    • Are you afraid of winning?
    • Do you think it is wrong to win?
    • Are you living each area of your life as though you are a winner?
    • Are you enjoying your wins?
    • Are you helping others win with you?
    Friends, we need to play in the game of life completely. That means doing what it takes to make the goal or cross the finish line. You may have to slow your pace or change your strategy along the way, but stay in it and win it!

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  • Success Attitude in working from home business

    Attitude determines altitude. How many times have we all heard that saying? If my attitude isn’t where it should be, I am reminded to make some changes in my thoughts and in my mind to lift myself to where I want and need to be.

    Attitude is extremely important in business – especially in Network Marketing. Network Marketing is a wonderful business that attracts people from all business backgrounds, and even those with no business experience at all. It allows someone who possibly would never achieve great wealth otherwise, to have a legitimate work from home chance at building the kind of six or seven figure income that people only dream of. But if that is ever to truly happen with you, then Network Marketing must be understood clearly or any new prospect might just find their dreams frustrated.

    To achieve great Network Marketing Success, business models and compensation plans are important, but ATTITUDE is everything to achieve it. The most obvious proof that it takes more than a good business to bring somebody success is the fact that there are enormously successful people in every Network Marketing company! These people have found a company that suits their liking and then they have worked hard to make the kind of income that they wanted. They have the attitude that nothing and nobody will get in the way for them to reach the top income position.

    First, they have stopped listening to Dream Stealers the Nay Sayers in their lives, people that a may have heard of someone they know that tried MLM, and like the game of golf when you first try it you’re not very good at it but instead of learning how to do this business properly they go around spreading their negativity about how it doesn’t work, but if you were to see the lack off efforts they put into building their network I’m not surprized that they didn’t get it up and running good they only tried to imitate it without the effort required. These people live in a doom and gloom world and make sure that everyone they know gets the same results in theirs; tearing down others with their pessimism and offer their support of discouragement. The successful people know that these negative people are so negative and bored with their own miserable lives that they have to tell everybody else why their network marketing business will fail. People with no dreams will try to crush other people’s dreams. Knowing this, why would they listen to even a word that these nay Sayers have to offer?

    The successful also know how much sense the business made when they first looked at it. They remember how excited they were at the prospect of quitting their job and being financially free. Discouragement and the lack of a good Attitude will find that there is no room in the head of the positive person because excitement about making a great income for life in Network Marketing is already there. The type of person who achieves success in Network Marketing is the one that says, “I know why I joined the business, I know what I am doing now, and I am confident in where I am going. No one will derail me because I am focused on my objective.”

    So let’s all remember that all the bad press out there about Network Marketing has been created by people who never had success because they never applied themselves to the process or they let other people control their destiny with a bad attitude. I say that we should all regain control of our own desires and attitudes and lift them up to a higher plain. Success in Network Marketing is absolutely possible today for anyone and depends on you finding the company you like and the going to work with a never quit attitude.

    Marketing Company like USANA Health Sciences and T.B.G.H.B.O (TheBestGlobalHomeBizOnLine) offer the best training and personal support and material to keep you uplifted and encouraged along with all the local and online support with other materials to help you keep a successful disposition at all times!

    I read an article yesterday that said we have over 200,000 people joining a network Marketing Company each and every week today, when you think about those 200,000 people do you think for one minute that all of them don’t know what they are doing and are joining companies that only out there to rip them off? I think not as I know there are millions of people out there that are making a phenomenal income each and every week from Network Marketing in fact they make a greater income then what they could ever make with any job!

    Because in Network marketing we all work together, where do you see that in any job?

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  • Joining a Networking Company work at home

    Here’s what should you look for in a company.

    At the top of the list should be the quality of the Products and Service the company offers.
    • Exciting. If you’re personally excited by the results of the products and use them yourself, your enthusiasm will be your best sales asset.
    • High quality. Your long-term residual income is based on the product’s ability to deliver on its promise and maintain customer loyalty. You’ll never have to make an apology for a high-quality product.

    • Fairly priced. Network Marketing products don’t usually win as the low-cost provider. However, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean overpriced. Make sure you or your customers are comparing apples to apples when price-shopping the competition.

    • Lifecycle. Make sure you have products with the viability of the growing market and demand Globally!
    • Exclusivity. Be cautious if it’s available through other channels of distribution such as retail stores, catalogues or other outlet retailers.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee. A company must stand behind its products 100% if it doesn’t stand behind its product that will surely leave you embarrassed or potentially responsible to your customers.

    • Sales aids. Make sure the company has the HIGHEST Quality of promotional literature that adequately directions of business support to you in building your network.
    Once you’ve found a Company with products and service you can believe in evaluate the company based on your personal needs and beliefs. Here’s what to look for:

    • Support materials. Company literature should be easily understandable and provide a professional image to support your business activities.
    • Policies and procedures “do’s and don’ts”. Read and understand what you can and can’t do. These internal distributor regulations are designed to protect the integrity of the business and deal with any renegade distributor who can ruin things for everyone. If the company offers no policy documents, heed this as a red flag. This company either hasn’t had good Network Marketing legal advice or doesn’t plan to stick around very long.

    • Corporate executives. They should be committed to the HIGHEST quality and integrity, and have genuine concern for their distributors. Interview them if possible, or at least talk to other successful distributors for their thoughts.
    • Does one or more have experience in Network Marketing?
    • Are experts involved in areas of administration, financial management, distribution and commissioning software?
    • Has the company hired professional consultants to help in areas of Business?

    • History. How long has the company been in business? How many countries does it operate in? How many distributors does it have? What are its gross yearly sales? Is it well-funded? If it’s privately held, is it operating on the Stock exchange, this information might not be readily available, but it’s worth a try.

    • Compensation plan. Does it sound realistic in its promises? Was it designed by competent experienced Network Marketing experts? Does it fit your needs for part-time income or a full-time career opportunity? Does the plan use time-tested and proven success concepts, or are you part of an experimental program? Look for proof of success of their concept. Have your sponsor or a company official explain it to you in detail. Making sure you get a solid presentation of their information before you join.

    • Philosophy. Does it fit your value system or style and make you feel comfortable and proud to be part of the organization?
    • Sales and training. Does the company and Up-line offer regular support sessions by telephone and online training?
    • Commission software provider. Does your company provide the software that will determine your success?
    • Communication. Look for good to GREAT communication in the form of newsletters, voice-mail capabilities, national conference calls and a strong Web presence using all available communication technologies.

    • Protection. The only required investment should be a no commission able starter kit and products for personal use. All other investments should be optional. Beware of large inventory load enticements or offers to buy positions. In case things don’t work out for you, make sure that the company will stand behind you with a proper return policy.

    One important thing to keep in mind –
    Even if you’re inexperienced choosing the right Up-line sponsor to support you can be equally important. Is there someone in your a mediate Up-line who will work with you who has had substantial success and can show you the way? This can be your shortcut to accelerated growth and my strongest recommendation for gaining early momentum.

    To YOUR All-Star Success!

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  • Business Goals working from home

    In his classic Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill says: “Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”
    Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

    Defining clear goals and creating a strong vision for your business helps you become more focused on the daily business actions for success. You must be crystal clear about WHY you are committing time, effort and money to building your business. Having clear goals is what separates successful networkers from people who never achieve their goals.

    Clear goals keep you excited and keep you moving forward taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. When things are going well as well as when things are not going so good your goals will keep you going through the tougher times keeping you motivated, your goals need to be big enough and clear enough so that challenges you experience along the way seem small in comparison. If your goals are small or not clearly defined, any obstacle becomes a reason to quit. Your success is directly proportional to your ability to handle challenges that arise.
    Steps to defining your goals:

    Make room for some quiet time when you will not be interrupted. WRITE all the reasons why building your business and taking control of your life is important to you. Write 5 to 10 reasons on your list. Be specific! Write down key words and the date you want to accomplish them by.

    Example: I enjoy working from HOME while taking care of my KIDS, by (DATE). I will be driving a (fill in the name of your dream car, or at least
    what you’d like to be driving next year) by (DATE). Write down things even if they seem unrealistic to you now. Once your list is done, read it again. Now, can you summarize in one or two sentences your goals for building your business?

    If you have difficulty coming up with a list of goals, imagine yourself one year from today. Write a letter to yourself listing all of the positive changes that have taken place for you and your family because you’ve had the strength, vision and determination to build your business. This is a different way to come up with a vision (another word for “clear goals”) of what you are working to achieve.
    You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll create by putting your vision in writing and staying focused on it over time.
    Read your goals daily.

    Keep your goals right in front of you every day.
    Write them on a piece of paper. Put the paper where you see it at least three times a day.

    Some people do really well creating dream boards. It’s a fun exercise and visual images combined with words really help your mind to focus on the reality of what you’re creating. Collect some old magazine and cut out images that appeal to you or words that are meaningful. Hang it somewhere you can see it every day.

    If you’re able, spend some time each day looking at it and then close your eyes for just a few minutes and imagine what you will feel like when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between that feeling and the reality and the more you can implant and feel those thoughts and feelings, the more likely you are to move toward your goals.

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  • Change Your Life with Work from Home Opportunities

    Online Job Opportunities Work from Home NYC

    How many times have you recognized that you need a change in your life? That the way in which you are living no longer works for you – or never did? That you are meant to be living another life, working in another capacity; doing something that is more in line with who you are as a person and what is important to you? You are not alone. Most of us have, at one time or another, questioned what we are doing and how we are living but we lack the tools to explore change – to identify those opportunities that can put us on the path towards our new future.

    We have built our business on helping people just like you identify the legitimate work from home business opportunity that will put you where you belong – comfortable with the choices that you have made and settled in a life that provides for you and the family, feels good and, ultimately is the right choice for you.
    Change is difficult for most people regardless of their age, profession and circumstances. People avoid change for a host of reasons that most often center around fear – the fear of failure. Oftentimes people have simply accepted their circumstances – regardless of whether or not it is fulfilling – and they have lost the belief that they can still achieve there dreams, it may look like as if they aren’t achievable or for them to pursue.

    They lack the confidence to take a risk and without a solid plan in place they don’t know how to proceed.
    This is where we come in; helping you with a system and a plan that allows you to enact change in your life. Legitimate work from home opportunities exist but it can often seem to daunting and scary task to separate one from the next. We are here to give you the best approach and full assistance to help you make the transition to working for yourself and give you the inside scoop on our opportunity to work from home and we help you identify and implement a real plan of action – helping you to:

    Dream – It may seem as though the time for dreaming is over in your life but that’s never the case. As long as you are alive you have the capacity to dream. It’s time to once again find those things about which you were passionate. Do you desire to take control of your own destiny? Experience freedom and versatility by having the ability to work when and where you want? Then it may be time to consider working at home. Jobs come and go but a career you love and that allows you to realize your own personal destiny is priceless.

    Challenge Yourself – Every change comes with its own set of challenges including the exploration of work from home opportunities. Don’t let a challenge stop you; it is these challenges that will allow you to explore all that you’re capable of doing.

    Make a Commitment – Once you’ve found that dream and recognized the challenges involved make a commitment to realize your goal. Are you passionate enough about what it offers to make it happen? How much is personal freedom worth to you?

    Make Time – Every dream requires a commitment of time. You make time for everything – and everyone – else in your life; now make time for yourself so that you can fully explore the potential that legitimate work from home opportunity offers you.

    Have Confidence – Success will elude you until you believe in yourself. This is your dream to explore; do so with confidence in your skills and ability to achieve Great Success.
    Practice Honesty – The road to success is not always smooth; there is often uneven terrain that you must explore. Be honest with yourself about what you’re facing – recognize the challenges, adapt and get back on track. It’s easy to lose focus when you are working at home. Jobs of any type, however, decide to make a commitment to yourself and find the discipline and focus within yourself to achieve it.

    Take Responsibility – This is your time for realizing your dream. The responsibility and opportunity are all yours. If you want change – if you want to make something different for yourself – you have only yourself to rely on to make it happen.

    Be Passionate – There is no job worth doing that you are not passionate about. Identify the legitimate work from home opportunity about which you will have passion and enthusiasm.

    Map Out Your Future and Go For It! – Make a plan and put it into action. Recognizing and then realizing your goals will give you a sense of accomplishment previously unrealized.
    Explore our Opportunity – This may the one you have been looking for but didn’t recognize. Networking is one of the best ways to capitalize on your time and effort for a great income.

    Be Patient – Giving the opportunity the time and effort that it requires for Success.  Making the commitment of time and effort is sometimes tough in your already busy schedule, but; I can assure that it will be worth it to yourself  to accomplish this!

    Call on the Experts – (We are here to help) Everyone needs guidance when embarking on a new journey. Know that there are people out there who are happy to offer the help that it takes for you to reach this milestone in your life.

    It will give you insight on experiences into a life you could otherwise only dream about and allow you to see things from a new perspective.

    Online Job Opportunities Work from Home NYC

    Work From Home USA

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