Priorities in working from home

Are you concerned about the amount of time you think it will require in starting your own business and what will be involved in growing it after you get started, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time, sounds familiar, Your plate is overflowing with things to do, desperate for a way to accomplish everything. Think about how working less hours could provide you with all the time required on a part time bases or full time if you like?

You will find it doesn’t require nearly as much time as you might think. After all you’re only looking for 2 or 4 people to join you to start with. Think about making 5 phone calls per day how hard can that be compared to a job?

If you compare what is required at a job- 40 hours plus and you’re doing it to fill someone else’s pockets not yourself, if you started out doing it part time for say 10-15 hours per week that’s a lot less the 40 hours and you’re working from home for yourself, think about the benefits of not having to leave the house and still make more than a job could ever pay.

1. So now let me ask you, what’s your number-one priority? Paying Bills, Free Time, Health, Family, travel, Income?”

Search your HEART and know why you are looking for something other than a job and what it would mean for you and your family if this turned out to be the right opportunity, are you ready to take advantage of it, especially; if it could deliver the benefits you or your family needs to enjoy a happy healthy future filled with all the Freedom to do the things you like?

Fulfilling your DREAMS!

So make the decision to learn what would be involved in doing an online home based business?

(It’s FREE!) Info, Information can’t hurt you, take a tour and See!

Think about your everyday life for a moment. Many of us wish for more hours in the day, whether to exercise, read, pursue a hobby, or spend time with our families. Have you ever noticed that if something is truly important to you, it has a way of getting done? You cancel non-essential appointments. Get up a bit earlier. Forgo your favorite TV shows.

Your choice for a business operates no differently than your everyday life. The trick is to recognize your priorities. If you know what’s essential to your future or what’s not, you can plan your day to make sure the important things get done.

Here are some ways to do just that.

1. Take a hard look at each item on your schedule. How important is it?
2. Not sure which responsibility to tackle first? Create a checklist to decide if a given action will bring you closer to meeting your needs or goals.

Sample questions you could ask yourself:

Would I be able to run a home based business successfully on my own?

Would a business decision move me closer to my Goals or move me forward in a positive way?

What kind of impact would that make on my life? (Six or Seven Figure?)

Can I afford to take a chance or if I don’t, what will be the consequences?

Can I accomplish my Needs or Dreams with a job, given the fact that there are so few jobs out there or should you be looking at the short term or do I need to have a plan for the long term?

3. Short or long-range business or success goals – like getting started and taking small steps towards the process of achieving your goals – often get pushed aside by daily emergencies. The only way to prevent this is to set aside time each day to do something towards that end even if it is only a small step. Build it into your schedule. It won’t get done all at once, but if you devote a small block of time to it every day, soon you’ll see progress and Success.

4. Work on your priorities when your brain is fresh. If you’re a morning person, schedule this work at the beginning of the day. If your peak energy occurs from 10 to 2, use that window. By heeding your natural energy rhythms, you’ll get more done in less time.

5. Maximize your efficiency by setting your priorities. Instead of taking care of the daily chores as the come up, set a scheduled time for everything you’re going to tackle in a given day and by placing each item into a schedule you will have control over the things that get attention. Set aside the required amount of time each morning and/or afternoon to deal with email. Likewise, schedule a regular time to make the connection interview and follow-up return phone calls.

Otherwise, unscheduled activities can easily eat up half your morning!

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