Success or failure in working from home

Concurring Your Fear, you are worthy of the riches, life has waiting for you when you step out and claim your place. Know that you were born for greatness simply because you exist.They tell us the world is spinning so quickly it refuses to look at anything less than unique, daring, dynamic, or new! It’s bored of mediocrity. This can seem daunting as you job hunt, plan your cubicle escape, or build your dream. How do you live life audaciously? How do you stop the world for one moment to see who you are?

Your Heart’s Desire

Get clear in your conciseness what you desire. See what gives you inner drive and motivational energy? Observe what gets your attention. Make a list of what interests and matters to you; See where your interest goes, there you will find your inner genius. When you know exactly what you want and who you are, you’ll find what motivate you to take action and move toward it fluently, with an intuitive knowing your next best step.

Inner/ Outer Alignment

Take time to reflect in silence, visit your inner core. What we’re you designed to do? What gives you great joy and effortlessly commands your attention and energy? When you intuitively know what your gifts are, this will assist you in taking the actions of your life choices. Someone living in complete alignment emits a glow of authenticity, a powerful upward movement, and innovation. We intuitively sense they’re living perfectly aligned with their true nature. It attracts people to them in trust.

When you’re aligned with your purpose in life, you know you don’t have to compete for your share, this allows all of us to shine. There’s a place for each and every one of us. You claim your level of success, your clients, and you work by stepping out so others can see your light.

Inner Boldness

When you’ve aligned your inner focus with your outer direction, you’ll be empowered with a holy boldness. It propels us out of our comfort zone with speed and efficiency, without self-consciousness.

Holy boldness is an inner claim to the driving force of life, and as a result of those inner yearning, gives us the fuel for the task ahead. Driven by our inner mission, we will walk over hot coals if we need to, to do what we have to do.

Courage in Spite of Fear

How do you find the courage to apply yourself, in spite of the fear of the unknown, you must choose to look to the inner strength, instead of the obstacles that lie directly in front of you as a road block to your success. Life and society create many obstacles for us to concur in our daily activities of life. Even though your new found focus for life is potentially terrifying don’t let that over power your inner courage.

You will soon shine with a new hope and love of appreciation for all that life has to offer you. Greeting every day with this new found inner strength and gratitude, having the courage to step into the unknown despite what your fear may be telling you about the life altering circumstances that may be on your horizon?

Are you stuck?

If you’re stuck, unable to find what motivate you or move you in the direction of your life’s necessities, check and see if what we have to offer you would bring some level of success and fulfillment towards your needs and happiness?

If you’re feeling reluctance to take a step forward, check your inner GPS and prayer for answers to guide you.

Your greatness lies in your ability to rise above your fears and challenge yourself. Step out and claim your victory over the fearful self, limiting what you accomplish both for yourself and others. Embrace your uniqueness and the brilliance of what you have to offer by stepping up with a holy boldness, knowing that everything around you will support your lights direction.

Overcome Fear Thoughts

Become vigilant in watching and catching your negative or fearful thoughts. Deal with every fear thought immediately. “Deny it a place in your thoughts” Make a regular practice of thinking positive! Always take charge of all negative thoughts at all times! Because your thoughts become your words, and what you confess in your words is what you are ordering for yourself into your future, so make sure to proclaim good things over your life, future and finances!
When looking at your fear thoughts ask yourself, “Is it true?” or is that fear projecting itself as real? Fear of the unknown (Is rarely, if ever, true!)
Replace every fear thought with a positive one. Until you master your though process. Look at the following example (Instead of the thought, “I’ll never get that job or business”, replace it with, “I’m taking daily actions towards making it a reality every day”.) confess it all the time!
Make sure you have a positive dialogue with your inner critic. You must question every thought and see if it is a positive option for your life or is it a negative one?
If you fear what others think, remember that their thoughts or objections do not affect your outcome in life at all.
When you start confronting your fears each time, it will diminish the quantity of fear thoughts you will have to deal with and move you towards your heart goals to concur them.

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