My Story


I grew up mostly in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. My background is in Manufacturing Management and Engineering. These days however, I’m usually in my office working my Home Based Business or hanging out with my family & friends. I do not have the drudgery of a “job” my income is made online from my Online Home Business.

I’m dedicated, committed and focused on my passion to build an International online network of like minded people around the Globe.  Giving people an opportunity to reclaim their lives with dignity, in the process of working online from home part time or full time, instead of trying to struggle through coping with a minimum wage paying job, which in most cases doesn’t earn you enough to survive in today’s economy.


I generate the prospects on Google that we need to build this Network.

Check out the online Network Marketing process, see if it could become a good alternative fit for you, and if you find that you would enjoy the comfort of working for yourself from home and have the ability to spend more time with the family, this may just turn out to be your salvation as it was mine.

Working from home in an online association with an established Company, offering the highest Level of Integrity, Quality products in the Health and Nutrition Industry, with a solid system and foundation for each one of us to rebuild our lives, after the lost job, has all but taken away and hope of having a normal life with a decent income.

Having an opportunity to work with a company with such integrity, dedication and quality, I fell it would be a shame not to share it with everyone worldwide looking to make a change, improving both Health and income for life.

I decided to seek out individuals who could help me with the task of creating a website for the online marketing process and lead generation, providing me with the ability to reach out across the Globe, assisting others like me who have lost the job based income.

My last company employment lasted for 23 years. At the time, I believed working for a company was my best choice to secure my financial wellbeing.  Working as a proto-type development engineer with the company, assisting in designing and developing of all their new products was a very rewarding position, but not fulfilling, as the demanding work schedule required 40-60 hours + per week, not leaving much time for family life or other things.

I tried a couple of other home based businesses, realizing that neither the company’s nor their products could provide me with the health or dream fulfilling results that I was looking for.

When a friend asked me to read the newspaper of a company that he was involved with and it was in “Health and Nutrition” I was very skeptical at this time, because my former companies had not delivered, why would this company be any better or different. Knowing that I desperately needed something to support my health, because of the long hours and demanding work schedule, I glanced through the newspaper and was pleasantly surprised and the products turned out to be absolutely amazing, just what I needed to boost my energy and immune system…

Then came the “DOWNSIZING” that left me wondering where to go or what I should do for a living. Looking around at other jobs, but not finding one that met my needs, I questioned; if I should take a serious look at the company that my friend introduced me to, or if I should check out other companies in the industry. My research brought me back to the company that my friend had presented to me and in my opinion was the best choice!

The downsizing sure gave me a wake-up call because now I truly needed to make a decision about how I was going to do to earn a living.

Taking a closer look at my company business model, I was sure convinced that this is where I wanted to direct my attention for creating my future success long-term.

Are you open to checking out a different way to make a living then a job?

Being open to researching a different approach to earn a living is not an easy thing to do, when we are creatures of habit (JOB) and skepticisms in the forefront of our thinking. I realized that this alternative approach has the ability to make me rich if I applied myself.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? I have big goals and even bigger dreams than most. If you are like me, you know that a job is no match for your dreams. The job will not allow us to enjoy time away from it or earn enough to fulfill our dreams. Not having enough to go around, we tend to shrink our dreams to match our income.

This business offers the ordinary person a chance to fulfill from small to large dreams and enjoy Residual Income. This can work for anyone.

Take some time to check this out for yourself. Maybe you’re only looking for a way to earn some extra money, or maybe you would like to replace your job with a home based business that truly you can work part time from home. Or are you ready to discover a way to achieve time and financial freedom, if so let me help you to accomplish this!

I look forward to talking with you about this powerful concept if you are interested and see how this could help you achieve your dreams.