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Income Test

Are you crazy? 

When I explain how easy this can be, some people look at me like I’m crazy. So, I give them the financial freedom test. I ask them…

Do you have multiple streams of income flowing into your life?     They usually answer,   “No.”

Do you get paid multiple times for every hour you work?                                        Again,  “No.”

Are your hourly earnings unlimited?                                                                            Still,  “No.”

Do your income streams flow 24 hours a day with or without you?                                     “No.”

Do you own or control these streams of income?                                                                  “No.”

Could your income streams continue to flow after you die?                                                 “No.”

Can you give yourself a raise any time you want?                                                                “No.”

If your main income stream dries up, could you survive for a year, on

Your remaining streams without touching savings?                                                             “No.”

Then, I say, “Because of (TheBestHomeBizOnLine,) I can answer “Yes” to each of the above questions.

If you can’t answer yes to many of these questions, I wonder which of us is the crazy one?”

So, these are the reasons why Usana is so exciting to those of us who are playing on this team together. We invite you to be a part of this team, but we want you to realize that we won’t drag you to the top of Success Mountain. As our team member, you’ll be expected to pull your own weight. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

Well, what do you think?

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  • Our Future!

    • OUR MISSION, Yours and mind, should be to change the following three areas in your life, so they are more to your liking!

    What are THREE THINGS that people almost
    EVERYWHERE would love to have?

    1) MORE MONEY,

    2) MORE FREE TIME, and


    If you’re SERIOUSLY INTERESTED, we can help YOU achieve ANY ONE, or ALL THREE of those popular objectives.

    But before we can help you, ask yourself a few questions and give yourself HONEST answers:

    1) Besides “Making More Money”
    Is there something else you’re REALLY looking for? (This question isn’t always as easy to answer as it may seem)

    2) If there were one thing you could change in your life for the better, more than anything else, what would that one thing be?

    3) Do you have a DREAM, of one thing you’d REALLY LOVE to do or have in your lifetime, but aren’t sure you’d ever be able to afford or accomplish it?

    If you FOCUS on those three things, it can start you down the path to dramatically improving the quality of your life.

    And it really is possible to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!

    If you had more money, do you have a written or mental list of specifically what you’d do with it?

    If you’d like more control of your life, do you want it bad enough to work and to learn how to get it?

    Do you have a strong desire to succeed and the Self-discipline required, to reach any worthwhile goal?

    Too many people today are looking for a “free ride” or a simple, easy, way to “get rich quick” for doing nothing. And if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    Don’t worry, you won’t have to look very hard to find some crook or con-artist making wild empty promises that will never come true. Good luck in your search – and hold on to your wallet!

    And if you’re willing to take a little time to…
    We can HELP YOU…


    Most people don’t have a clue how to achieve it. We’re here to show you how! And it doesn’t have to take 30 – 40 years, slaving at a job you hate, trying to scrimp and save for retirement. There really is a better way!

    But it depends on you!

    Its Called Leverage!

    Who REALLY controls the quality of YOUR life?

    Is it YOU? Your boss or employer? Your job or career?

    And more importantly:

    Are you satisfied or happy with the results?

    If you are, CONGRATULATIONS!

    If you’re not, Are you willing to take the EFFORT and make some changes?

    Do you: Enjoy your career? Make enough money?
    Feel like you’re doing something worthwhile with your life?

    Have enough time off, WHEN YOU WANT IT?

    If you haven’t yet discovered the

    the system, Company and Products we have will help you!

    Which of the following statements are  MOST IMPORTANT to YOU?…








    You can “HAVE IT ALL”… and a lot more, if you’re willing to open your eyes and mind, and take some time to review and UNDERSTAND some of the infrastructure this organization has to offer you!

    “The only thing more expensive than education, is ignorance”  

    If you’d like to speak to me in person, as a Home Based Business Builder, I’m always happy to offer an alternative to anyone SERIOUS about improving his or her life.

    I strive to share ways to help individuals empower themselves and gain personal and financial…

    * * FREEDOM * *   

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  • Once you attain it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived HAPPILY any other way.

    If you have the VISION to recognize some EXCITING TRENDS in society, and the willingness to TAKE ACTION to achieve YOUR dreams, we can help you DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE!

    “What’s OBVIOUS to some, is OBLIVIOUS to others”

    Are you generally ‘open-minded and positive’ or ‘narrow-minded and negative’?

    The HONEST answer to that simple Question can have a MAJOR IMPACT on YOUR level of HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in life.

    Doesn’t almost everyone “WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE”? And while the ‘lottery mentality’ of “get rich quick for doing nothing” runs rampant in our society, very few people will ever achieve that dream. And statistics prove that the few, who do, usually end up bankrupt and lonely within a few years because they never learned how to MANAGE their finances.

    Yet millions of people tune in every week for the vicarious thrill of watching SOMEONE ELSE win a bunch of money. The best and most realistic chance for most people to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, or any other worthwhile goal, is to get involved with the RIGHT * BUSINESS * of their own.

    Is there REALLY such a thing as a right * BUSINESS *?

    The answer to those questions really depends on YOU, and “What are you REALLY looking for?” The most common answer to that question (from people who don’t have enough) is – “money”. But “money” is NOT really the most important thing in life. Having enough of it however can give you the FREEDOM to pursue WHATEVER IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, and provide a better life for your family and loved ones.

    So there are many REAL reasons millions of people are searching for the perfect “BUSINESS”. But most people initially are interested in earning extra money – whether it’s just an extra few hundred or several thousand dollars a month. And with the RIGHT business it’s possible to earn MUCH MORE.

    Many others, who already make plenty of money, would like more FREE TIME to enjoy life, pursue their hobbies, or spend quality time with their friends and family. So there are many good reasons to search for your own “BUSINESS”.


    Do you have a PASSION for something in life you could enjoy more
    if you didn’t have to worry about money, or had more TIME to pursue it?

    Three POWERFUL CONCEPTS very few people REALLY understand are:

    2) LEVERAGE (of Time and Money), and
    3) GEOMETRIC Vs Linear GROWTH.

    Many people ‘say’ they understand those concepts, but very few REALLY do! There’s only one industry I’m aware of that combines the SYNERGISTIC POWER of ALL THREE of these important yet misunderstood principles.

     Network Marketing?      

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  • If you understand the T.E.A.M. concept, I’d love to speak with you in person. We’re putting together a successful T.E.A.M. of entrepreneurs who enjoy working together to accomplish mutual goals.

    Several simultaneous MEGA-TRENDS make this the best time ever to get involved with the RIGHT Home Business! In business TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And right now the window of opportunity is WIDE OPEN! Successful people not only recognize TRENDS in society, but TAKE ACTION to drive through that window before it closes!

    Another key to a SUCCESSFUL business is to have a PASSION for what you do, AND to be sure there is a STRONG market and LONG TERM demand for your products or services. Also, is there real potential for profit.

    I believe to be the
    World’s most COMPLETE, CONVENIENT, and VALUE-PRICED Supplements,
    combined with a Compensation Plan that makes this a TOTAL WINNER!

    You can bet that nutrition will be in high demand for a long time to come, thus creating the opportunity of a lifetime you can count on!

    “If you MUST work, there’s no place like HOME”


    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing.

    Motivation determines what you do.

    Attitude determines how well you do it.”

     Lou Holtz 

    What road will lead to your future?

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  • Teach others to stay focused on the written vision with passion!


    One of the greatest surprises you’ll experience in life, is when you discover that you can do what you we’re afraid you couldn’t do.

    Your obstacles will disappear, if instead of cowering before them, you make up your mind to walk boldly through them.

    Do the very things you fear and the element of fear will disappear, because after you done the thing you feared you see that you can do it  and fear can no longer stop you. Positive (Self talk) is one of the greatest ways to overcome your fears, (kind of like the little chew chew train I think I can.)

    Confront your fears, list them, get to know them and then you’ll be able to put them aside and move ahead. 

    When you face the things that scare you, you open the door to freedom. If you can’t do it you must!

    The only way to overcome it is to prove to yourself that you can do it. Fear is a self-imposed the Idea as reality; it is nothing more than a thought suggestion that you can’t achieve it, it is not REAL. 



    “Prosperity is not without fears and distaste; and adversity is not without comforts and hope.”                        —Author: Sir Francis Bacon— 

    “Fear – The main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty you allow into your life that brings defeat”.  To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

                            —Author: Russell Bertrand— 

    You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so,

     Remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in your mind.”

                            —Author: Dale Carnegie— 

    Where will the conquering of your fears take you today? 

                   ***** ALWAYS REMEMBER *****

    “When we look for the love and greatness in others, we find it in ourselves!”

    Taylor Hegan

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  • The Power of Choice

    The Power of Choice!
    Whatever the situations we are in, we always have choices to make. Each choice we make directs us to the path of success or the road of failure and dictates the reality we experience. It has been said that between the events or things that happen to us and the way we react to them, there is a space where we can choose our response. It is our choice of response that shapes our lives and not the event itself or what happened to us. While we are free to choose our response, we are not free to choose the results and the consequences.
    In difficult situations, we can choose to whine and complain, and ultimately give up or we can choose to take the upside and patiently keep going. We can choose to spend our time looking for excuses and justifications or choose to use this time to explore other alternatives and look for possible solutions. We can look at the situation as a problem and dwell on it or see it as an opportunity and take advantage of it. Each choice helps us to steer our life in a certain direction and shaping it positively or negatively.
    But how many times, we hear things like, “I have no choice.” “I have to do this.” “I have to act that way.” When we feel we have no choice and say “I have to” we are playing a victim role; we have given away our power of shaping our life to our circumstances, the society and the people around us. When we feel victimized, we usually get upset and feel like to take revenge from whomever we deem the cause of our misfortune such as our boss or the society and even the traffic. This resentment can be an enormous and unnecessary burden which holds us back.
    When we are aware that we have choices regardless the circumstances, we feel empowered; we feel that we are in control; we can make things happen and change our situations to the better.
    What are you saying to yourself?
    Whatever you have achieved to date is what you have allowed yourself to achieve. Why limit your possibilities by talking negatively to yourself?
    Just notice how many times you tell yourself, “I can’t do that,” or “I can’t handle this.” or “No body will listen to me.” These statements directly instruct your brain to stop thinking or finding solutions and accept the status quo. This mental complaining limits your possibilities and generally leads to a limiting belief that goes on to become self-fulfilling prophecy.
    The next time you catch yourself saying something that limits your possibilities, turn it into a positive question, such as: “How can I handle this situation?” or “What (else) can I do to achieve the desired results?” “From whom I can seek help?” These types of questions put your brain back to work, searching for answers and opening up your imagination to new possibilities.
    It has been said. “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
    Call to Action: Write down what are you telling yourself right now? is it positive or negative self talk?

    Legitimate network marketing benefits working from home

    Network marketing is truly one of the most popular types of business these days. We can even borrow the Internet term trending to define its prevalence not only in some communities but all throughout the world. It offers a business opportunity to people who are seeking for a flexible, part-time business. Some of the well-known companies falling under this category are Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Fuller Life, and more.
    The thing with network marketing is that it usually starts as a part-time work for some and progresses into a full-time business engagement with a greater incomer desire and dedication.

    Network marketing works in such a way that it usually only requires a low upfront investment to purchase some products and starter kit. You get products for your initial investment and the training material needed to get started in the business. You will also have the authorization to sell products.

    Where you make the real money is when you recruitment of other investors and build a network of people that use the products for themselves, as a result you get paid from those sales in your network earning you a great lifetime income part time.

    Perhaps you already came across with a colleague who makes a living out of network marketing and have asked yourself several times if you should be signing up soon. But really, why should you consider joining a network marketing company?

    Getting into this kind of investment could offer you a lot of benefits more than you could think of.

    Network marketing means time freedom. If you are tired of waking up early each morning for work, then you really should not be having second thoughts on joining a network marketing company. You can absolutely have all the time in the world without sacrificing a single thing you love. What about being able to experience firsthand your kids growing up or your family celebrating every special occasion while making a great living at your own pace?

    Network marketing indeed offers you the flexibility of time that you’ve long been dreaming of. You get to wake up anytime you want and say goodbye to the hassle of traveling the busy streets to and from your work which always leaves you out of energy upon arriving home and unintentionally neglecting your family for the sake of financial stability.

    Network marketing is financial freedom. This is precisely the most engaging feature of this business. Each of us is battling our own financial insecurities. Some may be working really hard all their lives and getting only enough of what they need, if not scarce. Others may have been routinely living from paycheck-to-paycheck and are just so sick and tired of it. And here comes the good news – with a few hours some effort per week, network marketing could really turn you into a millionaire! You just have to explore the opportunity that best fits your needs in business.

    Network marketing is a low-risk business. Yes, it offers you all the advantages of your own business minus the headache, and more importantly, not having the risk of investing huge sums of hard-earned money since network marketing only asks for a really low initial start-up. A few hundred dollars could pave the way to your own million dollar success story.

    Another advantage of a network marketing business is that you gain personal business experience. Who says you need thousands or millions of dollars to be your own boss and be called a businessman? Gone are those days when businesses are synonymous to million-dollar investments. You need not spend a fortune to get a franchise, because network marketing companies have earned their own share of popularity in their own lines of market. Being a network marketer gives you the same kind of business experience that others get when they start a franchise or put up their own companies. You go through the same learning experiences and business developments necessary for your progress. Indeed, it will help you figure out the ways to success.

    And I guess the most important contribution of network marketing to oneself is personal development. Network marketing is the key ingredient to success. And with this, network marketers are able to spend a considerable amount of time, working on personal development.

    Network marketing allows you to be comfortable with yourself. You learn confident public speaking, coaching, mentoring, and relating to others. Needless to say, you touch others’ lives while giving them the chance to be financially independent.

    Network marketing truly is more than just a fad. It comes with a lot of advantages and perks that you would always enjoy experiencing. So shake off those doubts in your head and begin working your way out to financial freedom and personal growth.
    Choose a trusted network marketing company to start with. Like Usana.

    For more information on our offer of network marketing take the free video tour for an introduction to our offer.

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  • Passions is a vital role in working from home

    We need Passion, purpose and power drives all result-producing a great cohesive network. When we combine a deep inner desire to contribute with the expectation of success, we become unstoppable. Passion keeps us focused on the game, not giving in to the issues that try to pull us of course into failures, instead we are sharpening our skills to success – like so many athletes, who push themselves beyond their prior level of capability and injury to better their abilities than ever. This perseverance move us to a higher tolerance and achievement that separates the fly-by-nights from the greats.

    Considering some of the greats like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi, Suffered many failures throughout their lifetimes, but their inner fires were not diminished. Each one focused on his vision before him and persisted in communicating, leading and taking bold actions that eventually would change the course of their life and our history.

    With commitment to passion, you can change not only your life but history as well. Whether you’re leading a family, a group, a team, or a company, or you’re on your own, the same principle holds true.

    -To be a front runner, Result-Producing Leader and Communicator, Focus and tap into Your Passion.

    This passion is the “Motivation” and it is natural to communicate with conviction when we’re talking about something we deeply love and care about – But sometimes in life and in business the motivation may not be there and we can feel like we’re just “going through the motions”. What can we do?

    Find Your Big Purpose.

    It’s easy to be passionate when we’re fully invested in the larger purpose. A big purpose engages and inspires us, whether it’s having a career that we love, providing for our family or helping to solve someone else’s needs.

    Look at clarifying your big purpose in, “What do I want to achieve in life or BE, DO and HAVE in each of the following areas? ” Personal Life, Professional Life, Friends and Family, Community, Organization, Nation, Planet, and Universe.

    Put your desires into words that inspire you, write them down and read them often.

    Your big purpose becomes your personal pipeline to the passion and context for all your desired achievements demanding your attention and actions.

    Remember when you were going through the motions. Feel the satisfaction of accomplishment with each positive step.

    Next re-play each positive feeling and mental focus, such as “Being all that you can be!” Feel the vitality.

    Now fan the flames of desire and personal value into action in your life, being all that you can be, adding to that the most powerful substance known to man vision, fueling your passion, visualize your purpose as if it’s happening right here and right now!

    Visualizing yourself inside your purpose – make it real and turn up the heat. Making a vision poster or dream board of your big purpose is very helpful. Paste pictures and words that illustrate your desired purpose on a board. This is a powerful creative process that combines passion, vision and action into program for success.

    Remember, Bill Gates would not have achieved his dream of placing a computer in each home without the vision and the passion to make it happen. He communicated those desires and he changed the course of history as we now know it.

    Clarify the Quality of your contribution.

    Another way to tap into your passion is to ask yourself, “How do my communication skills affect or contribute to the quality of my life? ”Find the words that inspire and fully engage you and focus on them, by considering how you can contribute to the quality of other’s lives, you will achieve your authentic passion and purpose in life.

    Next Prepare, Practice and Act as if you are 10 Times More Excited.

    Whenever possible, prepare and practice your communication out loud this good rehearsal practice as well it will help you to remember it and keep it on the for front of your mind. This rehearsal technique is liberating and fun, it gets your voice and body moving, your breath and energy flowing, and your inner fire burning.

    It will blast you out of your caution, engaging your mind and personality, expanding your self-expression and connecting you to your passion. Express enthusiasm, confidence and sincerity.

    I’m glad to be here!

    I know what I’m talking about!

    I care about what I’m saying!

    Once you feel the excitement, and on fire, then put this rehearsal technique aside and be yourself. Notice the difference.

    Vision and Passion are the strength that drives powerful result-producing communication and bold action. When we combine a deep desire to contribute with the expectation of success, we become unstoppable. Whoever we are and whatever our title, we can change the course of history by harnessing the power of vision and passion.

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  • The Power of Leverage in legitimate working from home

    Leveraged income can be defined as the income derived from the efforts of others. Unfortunately the majority of people in the world today earn a linear income, which basically means that they trade their time for money and no matter how clever or educated they are or how high their hourly rate is, they still only have 24 hours in day and therefore have a limited earning potential. Leverage on the other hand, allows you to use the time and efforts of others in you network to assist you in creating your income. By learning to leverage your time, you can financially benefit not only from your own efforts, but from other people’s efforts as well.

    “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
    John Paul Getty
    (American Billionaire)

    How Can I Leverage my time an income from other Peoples Efforts?

    Imagine that you are in the business of mowing lawns and that you could make $40 for every lawn that is mowed. If you were to average 5 lawns per day, you would earn a gross income of $200 a day before expenses. This is an example of a linear income where you use 100% of your own efforts to create an income. This is what the majority of people do their entire lives.

    Now imagine that you owned a lawn mowing business where instead of mowing the lawns yourself, you spend your time finding lawns that need to be mowed and employ people to do the physical work for you. Let’s say you have got to the point where your business now employs 20 people that each mows 5 lawns per day. You pay each person $30 per lawn, but you charge $40, so you make a profit of $10 per lawn. 20 contractors mowing 5 laws each means that you are now mowing a total of 100 lawns a day, which is a lot more then what you could have done by yourself. Even though now you are only earning $10 a lawn in profit yourself, when you add it up your miles in front. Using the power of leverage you are now earning $1000 a day (i.e. $10 per lawn x 100 lawns per day = $1000 per day, instead of your 5 lawns by yourself).

    So basically you could spend your days getting dirty and sweating as you work hard (not that there is anything wrong with that) and get paid $200 a day, in which you then need to deduct expenses such as running costs and maintenance OR you could earn $1000 per day, just finding yards that need to be mowed. As a smart businessperson which is the smarter option?

    Don’t get me wrong, to get to the stage where you can start to leverage off others you may have to do the physical work first. That is, it might take you a year of mowing lawns yourself before you have an adequate customer base before you can start to employ contractors to do the work for you. But a smart business person is willing to make short-term sacrifices to make long term gains.

    Unfortunately in most traditional businesses, like the example above, the only ones who benefit from the work of others are the business owners, even though it is loyal hard-working employees that do most of the work.

    Does this mean you should quit your job tomorrow and start your own business? Well if you have a solid referral base, a good understanding of cash flow, management skills and the capital to get you started, you might consider it. Unfortunately the majority of people are not in this position. The good news is that today there is a business opportunity that allows you to use the power of leverage without having to quit your current job, or require a substantial up-front investment. This is the power of home based business in network marketing.

    Not only does network marketing allow you to benefit from the work efforts of others but it also earns you a residual income, the kind of income that when you can walk away, it continues to pay you. Because network marketing uses both the power of leverage and a residual based income it is now being recognized and endorsed by many business leaders in the world today.

    “If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!”
    – Donald Trump, on the David Letterman Show

    Network marketing is no longer something to joke about; it is creating more millionaires today than the dot com boom industry did before the bubble burst. This is the reason why respected entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, economic forecasters like Paul Zane Pilzer and life and business coaches such as Dr. Denis Waitley are all recommending this proven system. In fact there are about 250 000 people just like you, joining network marketing every single week.

    Traditional businesses fall into the trap of developing and training people, just for them to move on to starting their own business and become a direct competitor. One of the main advantages of the network marketing business model is that it allows you to help others succeed without creating competition, instead you get to leverage off the success of others, ultimately contributing to your success.

    Better still is the fact that you don’t need a university degree or large capital to get started in the industry. Network marketing offers the power of leverage to earn a residual income to anyone who is willing to succeed.

    As with any business opportunity, in order to be successful you find that timing is half of it and execution is the other half. If you’re looking for the right business opportunity that allows you to capitalize on both the power of leverage and growing market trends to create a powerful residual income then network marketing is the answer you have been looking for.

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  • Creating your life working from home

    Building your life by design!

    We all want to have great things. But a large number of us aren’t creating the results we want. Complaining that we don’t have enough money, time, romance, success or happiness in our lives will not bring the success we are looking for we need to take specific action daily to make it happen.

    Pointing fingers or blaming others for our problems in life will only increase our difficult. But what we need to understand and keep at the forefront of our minds is that greatness exists in all of us. It is simply up to us to pull it out of ourselves. Regardless of personal circumstances or the economy, it helps to maintain our faith and remember that we we’re all meant to be successful in fact we are more powerful than we think.

    We all have the ability to create the life we want. We just need to learn how to do it. But first we need to stop listening to all the negativity around us 24/7. Is there an exact “formula”? No, but there are certain common features that successful people exhibit and that anyone can practice.

    You’d be hard pressed to find any high achiever who doesn’t live by the following tips:

    Take No Less than 100% Responsibility for Your Life!

    One of the greatest myths out there today is that you are entitled to a great life with all the bells and whistles, that somehow, somewhere; someone is responsible for filling our lives with continual happiness, exciting career options, nurturing family time and blissful personal relationships simply because we exist. But the real truth is that there is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live. That person is you!

    Everything about you is a result of your efforts or the lack of them. Income, Debt, Relationships, Health, Fitness, Attitudes and or behaviours. That person who reflects back at you in the mirror is responsible for your life.

    I believe most people are aware of this, but the mind can play games, tricking people into thinking conditions not controlled by them are responsible factors of failure, disappointment, and unhappiness. But the truth of the matter is that no external factors determine how you live. You are in complete control of the quality of your life.

    Successful people take full responsibility for the thoughts they think, the images they visualize, and the actions they take. They don’t waste their time and energy blaming and complaining. They evaluate their experiences and decide if they need to change them or not. They face the uncomfortable truth and make the necessary changes to their actions in order to create the life they want to live.

    Be Clear Why you’re here!

    I believe each of us is born with a God given life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging and honouring this purpose, is the most important aspect for success. Success minded people take the time to understand what they’re here to do, and then they pursue that with passion, purpose and enthusiasm.

    If you don’t know you’re life purpose then the signals around you will be confusing, and looking to others for help and guidance is good and helpful, but don’t forget to on yourself—your behaviour, attitude, likes and dislikes, and life experiences. Identify your passion and what’s working and what isn’t. A journal may prove to be a great way to keep track. You might be surprised by what you discover.

    Decide What You Want!

    There are plenty of people who are overly-busy yet who are unsatisfied or unfulfilled. They are physically tired, spiritually drained, and far from where they would like to be—it’s as if they’ve been running on a treadmill going nowhere. Why? Most likely because they haven’t clearly planned out what they want and then taken the necessary steps to get there. Rather than identifying specific goals, milestones, and dreams (and I’m talking BIG dreams and goals here), they go through the rat race motions day in and day out with unimportant tasks. They end up going in circles and wasting all your energy as they grow increasingly uninspired and out of touch with their authentic selves. This, of course, sets anyone up to living a life out of balance.

    One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is they haven’t decided what they want. They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling detail. What does success look like to you? Not everybody’s definition of success is the same.

    Don’t let your (To Do list) inhibit you from dreaming big. As soon as you commit to a big dream and really go after it, your subconscious creative mind will come up with big ideas to make it happen. You’ll start attracting the people, resources, and opportunities you need into your life to make your dream come true. Big dreams not only inspire you, but they also compel others to want to play big, with you.

    Believe It Is Possible!

    Scientists used to believe that humans responded to information flowing into the brain from the outside world. But today, they’re learning that instead we respond to what the brain, based on previous experience, expects to happen next. In fact, the mind is such a powerful instrument; it can deliver literally everything you want. But you have to believe that what you want is possible.

    As you commit to believing in yourself, also make a commitment to coming down the complaint departments. Look at what you are focusing on. I’m fat. I’m tired. I can’t get out of debt. I won’t ever get a better job. I can’t stand the relationship I have with my father. I’ll never find a soul mate in life. Really examine what you’re forecasting. Everything in your life is there because of what you are proclaiming by what you speak. The power in your words proclaim what will happen in your future, so make sure to speak out what you want to happen in your future!

    Believe in Yourself!

    If you are going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are worth it and capable the capability to make it happen. Whether you call it self-esteem, self-confidence or self-assurance, it is a deep-seated belief that you have what it takes; the abilities, inner resources, talents and skills to create your desired destiny.

    Have unwavering faith in God and yourself. Make the decision to focus and believe that you can create the experiences you want. Remember that only you can make the decision to change your life action, taking this level of responsibility are uniquely empowering. It means you can do, change, and become anything you set your mind to. Imagine how much easier it would be to succeed in life if you were constantly expecting the world to support you and bring you opportunity. Successful people do just that.

    Unleash the Power of Goal Setting!

    Experts on the science of success know the brain is a goal-seeking organism. Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work day and night to achieve. To engage you subconscious mind, a goal has to be measurable. When there aren’t any criteria for measurement, it is simply something you want, a wish, a preference, or a good idea.

    Sometimes we need to make just one initial goal to get started. A first step can be making an immediate change in a single area in your life. Are you unhappy about something that is happening right now? Take the steps to change it remember that if it’s with you it’s up to you. Making change isn’t always comfortable but it will start your refocus attention and then your actions. You can either do something about it or not. It is your choice and you are totally responsibility for your choices.

    You have to be willing to change your behaviour if you want a different outcome. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing an expecting a different result. You have to be willing to take the risks necessary to get what you want. If you’ve already taken an initial step in the right direction, now’s the time to plan more steps to keep moving you forward faster.

    Isn’t it a great relief to know that you can make your life what you want it to be? Isn’t it wonderful that your successes do not depend on someone else?

    Commit to taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life. Decide to make changes, one step at a time. Once you start the process you’ll discover it is much easier to get what you want by taking control of your thoughts, your visualizations, and your actions!

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  • Multiplier Mindset in working from home

    Your biggest asset under any circumstances is the ability to see the “multipliers” in your life.

    The world is full of people, technologies, ideas, and many other resources available to all of us, that can enhance our capabilities and enable us to accomplish far more than we could by ourselves. We can refer to these factors as “multipliers”. The most successful people in any situation are the ones who can recognize and identify the multipliers in front of them.

    The masters of multipliers.

    These entrepreneurs have learned how to multiply their best assets and capabilities. They have teams that support them and multiply the impact of their ideas and leaderships. They use technology to provide exponentially greater value for themselves as well as people. They’re remarkably ability to identify, and capitalize on new and emerging trends and opportunities.

    Setbacks, like the downturn in the economy don’t throw them off their game for long because they’re able to see ways around it because they’re always seeking out new multipliers to replace the ones that inevitably disappear. And these multipliers are applied not just to their businesses, making them more productive and profitable, but also to the lives of their associates and clients, giving them new direction, focus, confidence, and capability that they can’t get from anywhere else or competitors.

    Achieving the Multiplier Mindset.

    Top-performing, growth-focused entrepreneurs have what is referred to as, “The Multiplier Mindset,” and because of their ingenuity and constant search for new and better, they’re able to capture opportunities when others fail to even see them. The good news is that anyone with a desire to succeed can develop this mindset and enjoy the benefits, and those who do, quickly begin to realize that there is an endless supply of multipliers in the world if they know how to look for them. When it feels like you’re standing still or even moving backwards in terms of your progress, you’re probably feeling the loss of certain multipliers you used to take for granted. Focusing on finding or developing new multipliers will get you back on track toward new goals and new growth. To strengthen your own Multiplier Mindset, a good place to start is with what you can control in any situation: your attention, your creativity, and your activities.

    A few multiplier strategies aimed at entrepreneurs, anyone can apply them:

    Focus on vision.
    When things in the world change dramatically, as they have in the last few years, those with a clear, well-articulated vision will have a distinct advantage. Vision, especially a vision for assisting others and is bigger than yourself, has a way of drawing the most powerful talent and resources to you and igniting the passion of like-minded individuals to contribute to the cause and make it an entrepreneurial reality. Your ability to take advantage of the endless multipliers through technology, systems, structures, and relationships are dependent on you having a clear understanding of yourself and your future right now. Progress depends on always being able to see the bigger picture in any situation. When you know where you’re trying to go, you begin to find and see the multipliers that will enable you to get there.

    Focus on free time.
    We all need time out, if nothing more than to clear our heads, time away from our daily actions-related thinking and activity we consider essential to productivity. However, decades of experience with entrepreneurs from over sixty industries has shown that entrepreneurs are at their most creative and productive when they’ve had real time away. Taking free time allows you to recharge your mental batteries and approach your network of daily actions with renewed ingenuity on your return.

    Focus on relationships.
    The Pareto Principle suggests that 20% of people will produce 80% of the results. You probably have a few of the 20% in your life or network whom you would like to clone: the ones who love what you have to offer, and are generally a pleasure to deal with. On the other hand, difficult relationships can take up a disproportionate amount of time and take you away from the actions and activities that will increase your income or resources.

    The best opportunities for growth lie in focusing on those who appreciate what you do and are willing to work with you. Searching for creative ways to strengthen these relationships and create new value within them using your unique wisdom and capabilities can help you multiply the opportunities for your life and business.

    Focus on your strengths and delegate weaknesses.
    Many people will tell you that the secret to success in life is to identify those things you don’t do well and try to get better at them. The most successful entrepreneurs focus on their strengths and delegate everything they’re not naturally good at to someone who has talent and passion in that area. Your strengths provide you with the greatest opportunities to excel. If you want to multiply your result exponentially, put your time and energy into getting even better at what you do best, and let the rewards that quickly follow pay for the help you need to do everything else.

    Focus on capabilities and multiply confidence.
    If there’s one thing everyone desires, it’s to be more capable. When people feel capable they feel confident. When they feel confident, more is possible. In fact, confidence is the foundation for all other abilities. When you’re confident, you can accomplish exceptional things. When you lack confidence, it’s much harder to put your capabilities to work effectively.

    Dare to have a Multiplier Mindset.

    It’s audacious to think that nothing can stop you, and that you will always be able to make your future bigger than your past. No matter where you find yourself, or what’s going on around you, nothing can take away your ability to utilize a Multiplier Mindset – to identify and capture opportunities to multiply yourself, your results, and your contributions to others.

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  • A supportive mindset in working from home

    The effects of sowing, giving, helping equals reaping.

    Promoting a unified mindset here, one that isn’t always practiced in our social lifestyles today, but one that is part of the network marketing structure and if you choose to adopt this type of thinking, you will have access to an abundance that God wants and has for all of us, this abundance can only be gained through the efforts of assisting others with their needs.

    I’m not referring here to just accumulating material wealth and possessions, but the riches of personal inner development and satisfaction, building value’s that make life’s journey more worth living personally and for others, with improved health, overflowing kindness and happiness, and deep inner peace. This kind of promotion is an approach to life that concerns itself with making an impact on the lives of others through giving care and support.

    The ego however is a creature that like’s to resist anything that doesn’t serve self or the notion of giving. The ego cares only about my wants, my needs, and my interests – like how much money I can make, how far up the ladder I can climb, or how much recognition I can get.

    Many people in life are taught that if they are to survive or be successful, they must focus on looking out for number one themselves. Contrast that thought process with the law of cause and effect, the scientific principle that dictates you get what you sow. “Like produces like” considering that, I would like to promote a supportive attitude, the more you give, the more you get. Everything you give, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will return to you many fold and cerate’s more abundance in all our lives.

    I think that our personally focused life is costing us so much of the support that we could be enjoying, because we live in a time that is subconsciously motivated by fear. Fear is what drives the ego to be overly focused on oneself. One common fear is that if we give to others, we won’t have enough for ourselves. This is a total contrast to what the Bible says about the subject of giving and helping, this lack mindset that seems to out there today, I believe is hurting the stability of our society and economy, than you add to that the volume of people out of work and we have ourselves a reel situation. If we we’re to team up and join forces helping each other such as is the way with network marketing, I believe we would be able to achieve success to a much greater level than by ourselves, I can’t help wondering what our society would be like if we choose to work together instead of this separated focus that seems to be our way of doing things?

    I believe that when we are working by ourselves with our focus on the lack of money, time, talent, opportunities, relationships, or material possessions. We end up in a very dry and empty helpless position of defeat, but if however we we’re to adopt the philosophy that helping others would in turn help us we may find that there is whole world of opportunity awaiting us out there with results of prosperity friendship success that would be so much more rewarding.

    Believing that to be happy we must constantly strive to get more is the direct opposite of reality.

    What we may not realize is that giving is sowing into others, much like planting a garden that will yield an abundance of increase in its season, so if we can expect a crop when planting our gardens, why then would we not expect a harvest when planting our seeds of support into others?

    Studies have shown that giving amplifies not just the wealth and abundance we see with our eyes, but that it improves our health and enhances our sense of well-being all around. Giving confronts our fear of not having enough and boldly states to the world that we will not be held captive to our thoughts of lack. As Maya Angelou says, “Giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

    There are many ways to give. Here are just a few ideas:

    Giving Your Time
    Volunteering will boost your spirits! It energizes, it inspires, it is a feeling that money can’t buy. Helping those in need makes you appreciate your life in a new way. Whether it’s helping at a local soup kitchen, visiting the elderly or sick, or making a meal for someone, consider giving some of your time to help others.

    Giving Your Money
    Statistics show that those of us who live here in North America are incredibly wealthy compared to most of the world. Consider giving part of your income to a charitable organization or to someone in need. Remember, what you give comes back to you multiplied.

    Giving Encouragement
    It costs nothing to boost someone’s spirits or to give away a smile. Whether it’s encouraging a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a stranger, life rewards you when you take a moment to affirm another person. Who in your life could you encourage today? Call, text, email or send a card or letter. It could make all the difference knowing someone cares.

    Giving Thanks
    Living with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation will definitely bring rewards! It can be done by saying “thank you” when a stranger holds a door open for you or by giving a “thank you” wave when someone lets you in a busy lane of traffic. Thank God for supporting you through the day. Give thanks for the food you eat, your home, and your job, your business.

    Ask yourself at the beginning of each day, “How can I give? How can I be of service to someone today?” Give freely with no intention of receiving anything in return. As Winston Churchill so wisely stated, “Happiness is not so much in having as in sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” What kind of life will you choose to make?

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